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Corsair 900D Build - Silent Night

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Hey OCN. Ive decided my computer needs a bit of spice (even though i build the system less than 3 months ago). By spice I mean a whisper quiet watercooling loop and a second GPU.Theme is black and white, though a bit overplayed I find it very classy. Parts should start trickling in next week.

Current Components:
Sabertooth Z77
Intel 3770k (@ 4.7ghz)
Corsair Vengence LP (1600 OC to 1866)
EVGA GTX680 (superclock siganture)
Thermaltake 750 psu
Thermaltake Level 10 Case

New Compenents:
Corsair 900D
Asus CU2 GTX 680
480mm Rad (Darkside, 9fpi)
2x 360mm Rad (Darkside, 9fpi)
EK Supremacy CPU block
2x EK GPU waterblocks (two different types to fit the GPUs)
10 GT-14 fans
EK Multioption X3 Res 250
25 feet of clear 3/8 tubing
DaMode Storm D5 Vario Pump
Pastel White Coolant concentrate x3 bottles
EK Compression Fittings (Black nickel)
Bitspower GPU linkage

Attached is a poor diagram of my loop, sorry for the terrible paint job. Untitled.png 27k .png file

Here are a few pictures of my current setup, for the record the Thermaltake level 10 is a awful case for the money. Looks neat but doesnt provide a whole lot of options, I purchased it during my first computer build when I picked parts more based on looks than anything tongue.gif. Im now using an Ensis 320 Mouse pad with a Thermaltake esport mouse. The screen in the middle is a Crossover 1440p 27" which the two on the outside are old samsungs i had sitting around.

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So many rads, an you are still taking 3 rads one after another, and 3 heat-generating components one after another. Sorry but you are terribly wrong at this one.
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^^ Exactly why i posted this thread, to see if anyone had any suggestions haha. The loop can easily be changed around to break up the components. Though I was under the impression order was irrelevant in a loop besides the pump being fed by the res. Im going with so many low density rads so i can run less fans at a lower RPM (Noise is priority one)
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