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Server Rack Cooling for Everything? Venting into the wall intake vent?

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I'm building a new Gaming Rig in the next few months. I LOVE my Wooden case I have currently. And am extremely hard pressed to give it up, but I might if there is something like this would work:

My set up is in a very small room (11'x12') its the hottest most poorly ventilated room in the house. What's worse is not only is the PC in that room, but I run a AV receiver and my monitor is a HD projector, I have a lot of heat makers! I have an AC, which does keep the room chilly, but it's loud and constantly running, so I'm trying to not rely on it so much.

If I build my next PC in a server rack, put my AV Receiver, Cable box, and all other electronics I can in the server rack, can I then use something like a dryer vent hose and pipe it into the furnace intake vent on the wall to vent everything in the rack? http://shop.timms.biz/images/PHTO0023A.JPG
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Yes you can if you are not able to make something are build something for it to go outside , If it is a shared vent 1 on top 1 on bottom make sure you close the ones on top ! ( heat rises!)

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I spent some time going over everything in my head and wanted to do a more descriptive write up on my concept, to get more discussion on it.

As many of us probably already know, most AV Components use standard sizes that are compatible with server mounting solutions.

The image on the left shows a nice little cabinet where all my AV components could be mounted into. (note the center image is just an example, the cabinet would be against a wall, not in one)
Using a cabinet/rack like that:
◘I would mount the AV equipment in the center of the cabinet leaving room both at top and bottom.
◘Depending how deep the cabinet is and how it's designed, the back would then be lightly sealed with something like "Corrugated Plastic sheet" allow for minimal air loss but cutting holes in the sheet for any wires.
◘Then fans would be mounted ether on the bottom under the cab, on the front of the bottom, or both, allowing it to suck in cool air from the floor and push it up thru AV components and up to the top hollow space.
*The computer would likely be mounted at the bottom giving it the coolest freshest air.
*if needed, there would be room for added fans to be sandwiched between the AC component layers.
*The computer would also have aftermarket HSF inside it of course.
◘The top hollowed area would be reasonably sealed and have a fan or two at the back or side of the cab sucking the accumulated heated air out. A dryer hose(or something like it) would then be attached to the face of the fan and directed into the wall vent.
*If every thing went according to plan and fit the right dimensions, the server cab would easily hide the dryer hose, which is in the corner of the room any ways.

In theory, it would isolate much of the heat given off my the electronics and keep the heat from entering the air of the room.
The concept is not unlike others done before:

In theory, my concept would help prevent the heat of all the electronics of the room from enter the room.
Essentially, using the Cabinet in my concept, turns it into giant PC case with built in Amp and TV tuner. I could even make server rack adapters for any consoles I like to use. The only unusual thing is the way it would be cooled.

Further thoughts?
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