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Could someone help me to troubleshoot the Bitfenix Recon fan controller please

It has 10W / channel.
I hooked up 2 fans / channel using a "fan splitter".
These fans don't work. I don't know if I used the wrong cables, asking for too much W or should have used the original cables that came with the controller or something else.
Fans are Scythe GT 120mm AP-15. They need just under 4.5W to start and <1W to run.

What are some good troubleshooting steps to take?

EDIT. Ok, it was a pretty stupid mistake on my part.
1. I installed foam inserts between the rads & fans. When you squash them they get in the way of the fan blade spinning!
2. A seperate issue I also fixed. The issue was that fans ran on max regardless what I did. This is because I disconnected temp probes for my build and connected a single probe to channel 1 and that was causing the issue. I had to re-connect the remaining 4 and just leave them there hanging or else the fans just run on max.
It's all quiet now smile.gif
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