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Hey guys. I am looking to purchase this Lenovo Y500 for around $720 US. The specs are as follows:

i5 3230m @ 3.2ghz
6gb ddr3 memory
sli dual nvidia gt 650m
windows 8
full hd 1920x1080 resolution screen
1tb hard drive
backlit keyboard
USB 3.0
JBL speakers
hd web camera
full recovery built in

My question is, is the 3230m alright? Or just I just save up a bit more for a couple of months and head to newegg and buy the Y510P with haswell i7 4700qm and gt 750m sli for about $1,100?

Edit: I also saw this Y580 on CL.

Should I go for the above link for $800 or get the Y500 with 3230m for $720?
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