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Originally Posted by Bit_reaper View Post

No that is totally correct.

As I said

Serial pumps = more pressure and redundancy

The thing is that you don't need that extra pressure as the pressure a single D5 produces is more then enough for a loop that size.

Further more as the MO-RA3 360 PRO is a large and highly parallel radiator it would if anything benefit from more flow as opposed to more pressure.

I wouldn't call it a flow monster with less as 1 GPM ..... somebody worked it out, i think there is +80 feet of tubing in the mora ... parrallel or not ... its never going to be a flow monster

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Originally Posted by RnRollie View Post

Well, it seems to be impossible to do real serial.
Either run 3-4 hoses : One from pump 1 to CPU block , One from pump 2 to GPU blocks , then a Y-splitter to the MORA , then one hose from MORA to one of the INs on the res (or Y-split to use both INs)
run (short) hose from P1 to Y-split , (short)hose from P2 to Y-split then to CPU block, then to GPU blocks (parallel) , then to MORA then back to res or P1 or P2 or Y split to P1 and P2

The second option is the one which provides redundancy.

But its all convoluted.. the Koolance is an easier option (with the U - pipe)

OK, so I can't decide which way to do this, and I am thinking of trying with the Y-splitters as you have suggested RnRollie

I was thinking of trying both the above options to see which gives better results and if neither are good, then I will most likely look at another option altogether, like the Koolance.
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Running pumps parallel is just a waste of a perfectly good pump. You should be fine with a single D5, but serial can get you a higher flow rate and give you a bit of redundancy.
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Yeah and this pump/res combo is a waste of perfectly good money.

All the re-sellers and the manufacturer need a good kick up the %$^*! for not changing the product description, which they all cut and paste, spreading the dis-information.

Going to add another rad and run a dual loop now.
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