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CPU Installed into severly CPU socket

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Buying i5-3570K and z77-ud3h motherboard & putting together all other components device professionally, a PC was built. The PC run smoothly except for one strange error and another awkward error. The strange error was that unlike the universally known that the healthy single beep comes on first followed by initial booting or Company Logo, contrary the beep sound comes 15 to 20 seconds after the Logo appears. The other annoying & painful error was to be unable to set and hold my booting priority. Every time I set a priority the PC override my setting and boot from what ever drive it choices to boot. I called several times technical support of gigabyte and no one seem to provide me a lasting solution. At last I was able to talk to a supervisor and he advise me to go to their site and request RMA number & when approved to ship the motherboard. I did and Gigabyte to my great surprise and dismay notified me that the CPU socket is severely damaged beyond repair and need to be replaced for $45.00. I was dismayed because I know for sure that I had only encountered with the CPU and CPU socket 2 times. Once while installing it and the other when removing it to ship it. On top of that I am not a junior PC builder instead it has been years since I have become PC enthusiast and I am sure installing & removing was done professionally. Besides if the CPU socket is damaged beyond repair how could be possible in the first place for the PC to function well except for the errors I have mentioned above. Now my question is will a PC work whose CPU is installed in a severely damaged CPU socket? PC have been with me for several months and except for those errors I mentioned I have not observed any error that could lead me to believe that either the CPU or CPU socket could be the cause. I suspect one of the technical support, who some of them are incomptent must be the culprit who damaged the CPU socket.
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Sounds like a fast too me!

Did you use a hammer and a bolster ? biggrin.gif

Dig in and win thumb.gif
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