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Zowie most similar to Deathadder?

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I have/ had a Razer Deathadder black edition and found it to be perfect in every way, especially the large size and contoured buttons. But mouse button 5 broke after a few months. After some research, it seems this is not uncommon in Razer products, so I'm not going to get another one. What I want is a solidly built mouse that matches the Deathadder in size, shape, and default dpi setting.

I got a SteelSeries Sensei raw, but it's a bit smaller than I would like. Zowie looks like the solution, but I don't know which one to get. Here are my questions and concerns:

* Large size and if possible contoured mouse 1 and 2 buttons.
* The EC1-eVo is supposedly the largest, but Newegg lists it as discontinued. I can get it elsewhere, but was it discontinued due to problems?
* I dislike mouse 1 and 2 buttons that have resistant switches/ have to be to pressed hard.
* I play only MMOs.
* I prefer a glossy finish, but I can deal with a rubberized one if the size is right.
* I press mouse 4 and 5 hard when strafing, so these have to hold up over time.
* I like large buttons for mouse 4 and 5.
* I don't care about weight.

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The ec1 evo is pretty much a da black edition with stiffer mouse clicks. If you want all gloss get the ec1 evo white one, its full gloss. I doubt it was discontinued due to problems they are probally working on a newer one who knows
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The EC isn't a DeathAdder. The EC1 is a little bigger... EC's sensor doesn't feel as responsive.

Considering your list you may not like it. The CPI steps will likely frustrate you. The switches are to stiff for the shell. The scroll wheel is flawed. If you solder in different switches you may like the mouse.
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Thanks for the info.

My list may have been misleading, I should have said my two main concerns are: size and solid construction. The EC1 fits, and I can handle 2300 dpi, so the questions I am left with are: how stiff are the buttons and how bad is the scroll wheel?

I only have experience with Logitech, Razer, and SteelSeries mice. Are the Zowie switches drastically different?

Also - what is the difference between the EC1 and EC2 other than size? And how noticeable is the size difference? What I like most about the Deathadder's size is the height.
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The EC1 is a lot larger than he EC2.

I like the switches in the AM, but the EC has to much pre and over travel for stiff switches.

The scroll wheel in very flawed.
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how bad is the scroll wheel?

My favourite scroll wheel out of all the mouse I've tried. There is a problem if you scroll with your finger on the side or the very front of the wheel, rare, but not everyone hold the mouse the same or have the same hand size. If you scroll with your finger on the top of the wheel there will be no problem. Try see where your finger naturally land on the scroll wheel.
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