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I'm not entirely sure that the full scope of my questions fall specifically under the heading of "Intel CPUs", but figured this seemed like the best place to post my questions. If they belong elsewhere, I apologize in advance. That being said, here's what I was hoping I could get some help with:

In the coming weeks I am intending to upgrade my existing computer. I am currently using an AMD AM3 machine with a 965 Black Edition Phenom IIx4. While I'm certainly not in a position where money is no object, I am hoping to put together a new system that should hopefully last me a few years. The main uses of my computer are those that you would typically expect from a college student: web surfing, gaming, homework, etc. I'm probably close to the one-millionth person to ask questions regarding a comparison between Ivy Bridge and Haswell, but hopefully you guys won't mind answering them at least one more time. Mainly I'm curious as to whether or not those of you who upgraded from Ivy Bridge to Haswell regret it, and which of the two platforms you would advise me to purchase at this point in time. I have yet to find any compelling deals on Ivy Bridge, new or used, so the price difference between Ivy Bridge and Haswell is not really much of a factor. The rubric for my choice will be based on performance and the ability to meet my needs. I am intending to overclock, but chances are that as far as cooling methods are concerned I won't be using anything outside of high end air/high quality AIO water coolers (I recognize that that term is an oxymoron to some of the users but hopefully we can get past this for the purposes of my questions), with the possibility of venturing into custom water loops down the road. So, what is the general consensus? Would I be better off going with the latest gen technology of the Haswell or would you advise I pick up an Ivy Bridge?

Also, I know and understand the differences between the i5 and the i7. I also know that some people seem to think that for gaming purposes there is little reason to throw down the extra money for the i7 vs. the i5, while others note that some games are starting to make use of hyper-threading. What say you on that? I honestly am having a difficult time coming to a conclusion that I'm satisfied with as far as the Ivy Bridge vs. Haswell and i5 vs. i7 debates.

I also have a question regarding memory for the Intel processors, specifically regarding their impact on overclocking. On my current computer I have 8G (2x4G) of G.Skill memory running at 1600 MHz with 7-8-8-24 timings. Will this memory suit my purposes or would I be better off upgrading to something like ?
I'm honestly not too sure about the impact of memory frequency on overclocking Intel CPUs. I am intending to buy this if I wind up getting a Haswell CPU and am interested in playing around with the ROG RAMdisk, but if upgrading the frequency on my RAM isn't going to serve much of a purpose as far as overclocking is concerned then I might just skip that to save myself some cash.

Finally, my last question pertains to prospective graphics cards that I might purchase. I am currently using a 27" monitor at 1920x1080 resolution. I am most likely going to buy an nVidia graphics card this time around and am considering a gtx 770 2G, gtx 770 4G, or a gtx 780. I have no interest in sli or crossfire, so whatever advice you give please keep in mind that I am only considering single GPUs. My real question here is regarding VRAM usage. If I do decide to go with the gtx 770 I am unsure of whether I want to go with the 2G or 4G variant. I have read that 2G should be sufficient for gaming at 1080, however I'm also prone to think that more couldn't hurt. Not to mention that I might wind up upgrading my monitor to a higher resolution somewhere down the road.

My apologies for the lengthy post. I've read up on a lot of these issues but haven't quite gotten to the point where I've settle on what route I want to take. I guess I'm hoping that maybe someone here will be able to either say something or point me in the direction where I feel confident in my decisions. Thanks in advance smile.gif