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Router with traffic shaping.

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My home setup

ASUS N15U > 2 Cat6 > Room A and Room B

Currently my bandwidth I subscribe is 200Mbps. However, when I do a speedtest I get 200DL 300UL. I wish to limit the bandwidth going into each port to lets say 100DL 150UL to each room but not the local network speed. I do not want either room A or room B to flood the bandwidth with heavy P2P or video streaming or anything possible. I just wanna ensure both room get a reliable connection. I know that flashing the router to Tomato firmware allow me to use the bandwidth limiter to do the job. However, using Tomato firmware which does not support hardware acceleration which bottleneck my internet bandwidth to 100DL 100UL. I wonder if there is any slightly above consumer grade router can do what I wanted. I do not need this router to have wireless enable as I can easily hook up to my N15U to have wifi for mobile devices. I am new to this term call traffic shaping. It would be great if someone could also enlighten me that what I am looking for is actually call traffic shaping or something else. I currently looking at Ubiquiti EdgeRouter LITE. I'm not sure if this is able to do what I wanted.
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Sounds like a PFSense firewall build is in order!

This thread seems to indicate that PFSense does 1gbps WAN no prob and it's best to go with PCI-E network adapters and 3GHz CPU for 501+mbps WAN

I'd recommend you start with this 1.5GHZ (dual core = 3GHz) celeron mobo
and go from there!
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I have read up quite a bit on pfSense and have try it out the web GUI using VM to host it. From my understanding, is the following setup able to meet my requirement?

Modem > pfSense > N15U > ROOM A and B

so the internet bandwidth is limit at pfSense but the local bandwidth from Room A to B not limited by pfSense am I right to say that?
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If you put/have Gigabit ethernet NIC's in your PFSense box, then yes. You'll get 1000Mbps between rooms. Actually, you may not even need GbE in the pfsense box as long as the N15U is GbE and both rooms are connected to N15U LAN, I'm not sure, but I would put GbE NIC's in the pfsense box regardless. Maybe you would only get 500Mbps between rooms if the data had to flow both ways from router to firewall before going between rooms??? I don't believe it would, I think the pfsense box would just point X LAN port on N15U to Y LAN port on the N15U and data would just flow across the N15U only.

You would set the N15U to router mode instead of gateway, and set the Pfsense box to be DHCP server. Then you could traffic shape the connections to the N15U from the Pfsense box.

you may want to look at flashing Tomato firmware on to your N15U
EDIT: forgot you already tried tomato lol, yeah I would go stock Asus firmware if it supports hardware acceleration and use PFSense for shaping the internet connections. You could also use the PFSense box as NAS, with pfsense running in a VM, and to host other VM's, even PXE boot.. I'm been thinking about doing a build like this recently

IT seems an important term here is "DHCP Relay Agent" (Just learned this one)... . and I believe that means that even if the pfsense is DHCP server, if requests are made between clients both connected to the N15U, the N15U, in DHCP forwarder mode, will act as "DHCP Relay Agent" and connect the 2 directly without going through pfsense box
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