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I recently bought a 7870 Hawk to crossfire my current hawk, and to "test" the card I put it in by itself and when I turn on the computer it posts, gets to the windows 8 spinning balls load screen, then after it goes black and stays black, I have the current AMD beta drivers, the hawk I own (not this new one) works 100% when its in the top slot and the new hawk is in the bottom slot but not by itself, is something wrong with the card?

Windows 8 x64
8gb ram
Motherboard: MSI z77ma-g45
CPU:3570k stock clocked
128gb SSD, 1tb HDD
everythings up to date afaik, sure I could just use my old hawk in the first slot and the new hawk in the second but when I sell it down the road I'd prefer it work by itself in a rig.