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New IEMs.

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My HiFiMan RE-262s broke the other day and now I find out they discontinued them(even though they were probably the best pair of IEMs for the price ever made), so I can't replace them with another pair, which I completely would. So now I don't know what to get, cause I'm not that educated with what's out right now. If anyone can suggest some IEMs that compare to the 262s for the price($100-$200), it would help a lot. I'm looking at the RE-400 and the Etymotic Research HF5 as a replacement. Anything that doesn't need to be amped would be better.
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If your looking for an IEM with a very clean, analytical sound I suggest you take a look at the Etymotic HF5s. I have the HF3s, the HF5s with iPhone controls even though I don't even own an iPhone however I have to say seeing as how you can get the HF5s for $80 less than what I bought my pair for I think these headphones are some of the best for the money that you can get. I've owned my pair for over 2 years now and remember thinking I lost them, I planned on buying the same headphones as I've grown to love their sound. Reading about the 262s I have a feeling they sound very similar to the HF5s.


Around $100 is about as low as the HF5s go for, look around if you prefer them in a different color or with a mic and button (HF2) or with a better mic and iPhone controls (play button with 2 additional for volume control) (HF3).
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