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Hello all,

I bought this gaming rig a month back or so and there is a problem I just can't seem to fix.

If I try to access the BIOS, I can only enter it once! Once I enter it I can reboot and the keyboard goes unrecognized. I.E. I push "del" and nothing happens.
Well I can get in if I hold "del" before starting computer, then let go at splash screen..

In order to get back into BIOS, I have to either reset CMOS, or I have to unplug/turn off PSU. Then I can enter again.

I changed the CMOS Battery and reset everything to stock many times but doesn't help... Computer works fine and so does BIOS (except mouse direction is inverse) Also, I did update my BIOS version.

Also... For a while the BIOS wouldn't save any changes I made, and previous setting came BACK even after "load optimize defaults" multiple times..

^This is my new problem! Bios resets everything! Even if I do very small changes...

So confused! Thanks!

Motherboard - gigabyte z77-ud5h
Processor - i7 3770k
Ram - 16gb (4x4gb) Kingston Hyper X 1600
GPU - dual EVGA GTX 670 FTWs running in SLI
Power Supply - Rosewill Xtreme 850W 80plus certified
Boot Drive - 120gb Vertex 4 SSd
Heatsink - Scythe Ninja Rev. 3
Storage Drive - 2TB 7200RPM
Case- Corsair 600T white special edition w/all case fans replaced with Rosewill brushless
Monitor - 27" Dell Ultrasharp u2713hm 1440p
Keyboard/Mouse - Razer Deathstalker/deathadder
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