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SpeedStep issues?

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Well I have been having heat issues with my 4670K with the stock cooler - 50C idle, 80C max. For a couple days I was getting 39C idle, 57C max which was awesome but now it has returned to it's ****ty temps. One of the things I did notice is that the processor is not backing off 3.8GHz, which it was doing with the great temps. I have the MSI Z87-GD65. Intel SpeedStep is enabled in Intel Extreme Tuning Utility.

One thing I did check now after thinking of it was Minimum CPU State in Windows power settings, reduced it to 5% as that what was in Balanced which I changed from about the time when bad temps came back.
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Make sure you have both EIST and C1E enabled in the BIOS (and C3 and C6/7 also, but EIST and C1E are the big ones).
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