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[Build Log] Project Rampage II - GTX 780TI Tri SLI, Caselabs STH10, , Custom Mods

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Final Build Video

Project Rampage II: Caselabs STH10 Build

Project Rampage II Latest Images:

Top Chamber Side Panel

Overall Shot of the Mid Chamber Loop (Motherboard and GPUs)


ASUS Rampage IV Extreme Loop Order

Dual D5 Pumps with Bitspower D5 Mod Kit and V2 Pump Top (Mid Chamber)


Tri SLI 780TIs

After more than a year I complete Project Rampage, I am back again. Not much changes in my components. It will be more of a change of casing and addition of radiators to this built. Color scheme of sleeves might change but will be making use of the remaining, red/black/white sleeves I have.

Links to various Project Rampage Logs and Achievements

VR Forum Project Rampage Build Log

Winner of Guru3D Rig of the Month March 2013

ASUS ROG Project Log Forum

Overclock.net Project Rampage Build Log

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Above links are places where I would share my project logs and gather information on technical issues faced during the period of building Project Rampage.

Shortcuts to various build progress

Custom Spraying GT15s
Building Caselabs STH10
Back Panel Fittings
Poweradjust 2 Mounting Plate Prototype
Hex Radiator Grill
Poweradjust 2 Mounting Panel
Side Panel
DIY Lightbox

Project Rampage II Details

This project log will consists and document the progress of Project Rampage II. There will be frequent updates of the progress and sharing on technical issues faced and modding ideas to the fellow forum members.

I had made my order of Caselabs STH10 and its color will be the same as my current 800D which is black and white.

I had requested for the color of the interior to be full black. I did thought of getting total white but white will be harder to conceal stuffs. So I requested for custom color combination and It will look like my 800D but with upgraded and increase of space.

Rig's Components:
Intel i7 3930K
ASUS Rampage 4 Extreme
Corsair Vengence 1600 8 X 4 GB
Gigabyte 780TI GTX X 3 (Triple SLI)
Kingston Hyper X 3K 120GB SSD X 3(Sponsored)
3TB Seagate Barracuda
Seasonic X1250
Caselabs STH10

Current Watercooling Components

Bitspower Summit (LGA2011) Clear Plexi
Bitspower Universal Galaxy 4DIMM Clear Plexi (Nickel Replated)
Koolance RIVE Waterblock
Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 water block X 2
Aquacomputer Kyrographics Acrylic Glass Nickel 780 TI X 3
Aquacomputer 780TI backplate X 3
Swiftech MCP655 (Speed Control) X 3
Bitspower D5 Mod Kit Matt Black X 3
Bitspower D5 Pump Top X 3
EK 250 X2 Reservoir
Lamptron Touch (controlling LED strips)
Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 Pro (fan controls/LED Controls)
Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 Pro (fan controls/Pump Controls)
Aquacomputer Poweradjusts 2 USB X 3 -5 (pump controls/fan controls)
Aquacomputer Flow Sensor
Aquacomputer LED Amp (custom)
Bitspower Compression / Rotaries / Extenders Fittings (silver shining)
Koolance QDC / SLI Vid Connector Fittings (silver shining)
Phobya Extenders (silver shining)

Proposed Changes of WC Components

4 Radiators:
Phobya G Changer V2 360
Alphacool Monsta 360
Alphacool Monsta 480
Additional D5 Pump with Bitspower Mod Kit/ Bitspower V2 Pump Top

Proposed Fittings and Tubing
E22 10/12mm Acrylic Tubing (Clear)
Bitspower Multi Link Adapter C47 X 36

Proposed Blocks/ Backplate
Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 Waterblock X 2

Gentle Typhoons X 11
Enermax Magmas X 12

Demciflex Caselabs 4 X 120mm Flexbay
Demciflex Caselabs Btm Chamber X 2
Demciflex Caselabs Flexbay 360 X 1
Demciflex Caselabs Top X1

For the fans setup, I am minimizing the use of fans as my rig is in my room and so is my baby as well. Dont wish to have a turbine or engine room and disturb my baby's sleep. So I propose to set all of my raidator fans as Push only.

Placement of Components

2 X Radiator - Bottom Chamber
1 X Radiator Flex Bay

Motherboard Chamber

Motherboard Chamber
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Did up a sample of how my STH 10 will look like

Same color scheme as my current Corsair 800D but just different casing.

For my order of Caselabs STH10, I had order the following additional accessories.

- 2 X 480 Radiator Stand
- 1 X 360 Flex Bay Radiator Mount
- Silverstone USB 3 I/O Panel
- 3 X 5.25 Inch Bay Mounting (Short, adjustable)

As you can see from the sample image of how my STH10 will look like. The ventilated doors will only be at the bottom chamber. I am intending to mount all of my radiators down at the bottom chamber.

My top chamber will be used to mount all of my 5.25 inch devices which includes the following.
- Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 Pro
- Aquacomputer Poweradjust Panel (Poweradjust 2 USB X 2)
- DVD Optical Drive
- Lamptron Touch (still considering if I should migrate this to the new casing as LED light controller)

Reason for the device to be mounted at the top is to be able to hide all of the unsightly cables, temperature probes and PSU cables at the top leaving the mid chamber free from unwanted sight of cables.

I might also create custom mounting holes for HDD cage to be place at the top chamber as well. But for now, I only have 1 X HDD and 2 X SSD which all can be mount behind the mobo panels.

Right now I am considering the following radiator to add on to my current radiator which is EK XTX 360 and EK XT 240 (Will replace my EK XT240)

1. Alphacool Monsta 360
2. Alphacool Monsta 480
3. XSPC RX360
4. EK XTX 360
5. EK XTX 480
6. EK XT 360
7. EK XTX 480

I am intending to install either 3 X 360, 2 X 360 with 1 X 480 or 2 X 480, 1 X 360 Radiator. I might be overkilled in getting 3 Radiators, but that is put in place just in the even I decided to add in my GPUs in my loop.
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After I made my purchase of the Caselabs STH10 I had a lot of ideas. As this case has endless and massive amount of space.

I had finalized a few things.

- Radiators (1 x XSPC RX360, 1 x EK XTX 360, 1 X EK XTX 480)
2 X 360 rads, 1 X 480 rads doing Push Config.

- Radiators to be mounted at the bottom chamber and RX360 be mounted at the flex bay

- drain loop be at the bottom of the casing (Using T Joint Fitting to create the drain loop)

- Mid and bottom chamber have their own pair of Quick Disconnect. This will allow easier draining and removal of radiators.

- DIY a lightbox

- DIY frosted LED light bar at the front panel side vents

- Using E22 tubings and Bitspower C47 fittings

- Coolant will be using Mayhem Pastel Red. Should be able to reuse them as just used them around 1 month only. I have additional 1 bottle of the pastel red concentrate.

- All 5 inch devices to be mounted at top chamber with PSU.

- Planning to install a HDD Cage at the top chamber
(Will have to check with caselabs if its possible)
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Had gotten a 1 X XSPC RX360 radiator, so now I am considering to get either a EK XTX360 or EK XTX480.

Proposed Radiator Mounting
Flexbay 120 X 3 (Front): XSPC RX360
Bottom Chamber (Bottom): EK XTX 360 and EK XTX 480 or double EK XTX 360.

As I have a XTX 360 and RX360 rads and do not wish to replace them. If I were to place 480 and 360 together, it would seem the 360 is a bit out of place. So I might as well install dual 360 at the btm to make it look "Balance".

Fans config I am planning to go Push config only as the rig be in my room with my baby sleeping in it. Really hoping dont wish to turn my bedroom into a turbine room. For those with babies will know, babies wake up at the slightest sound... I dont even dare to cough at times cause my baby cfm will wake up and cry and my wife would give me the Death Glare....

I had also contacted Bitspower Taiwan and will be ordering fittings directly from them. Shipping is a lot cheaper than PPC and discounts is given if quantity hit a certain amount. Below list is items which are shared by me and another guy whom is working on his WC loop also. But his items are more pricier than mine. So I guess my pockets will burn a smaller hole than his.

Lets have a look what we are ordering muahahaha....

Bitspower Order List
1. G1/4" Silver Shining Multi-Transfer Adapter BP-WTP-C03 X2
2. G1/4" Silver Shining Multi-Link Adapter BP-WTP-C47 X44
3. G1/4" Silver Shining Temperature Sensor Stop Fitting BP-WTP-CT X1
4. G1/4" Silver Shining Stop Fitting BP-WTP-C06 X15
5. Silver Shining T-Block BP-TMB X1
6. G1/4" Silver Shining CaseTop Water-Fill SET BP-WTP-C04 X8
7. Crystal Space L-Block BP-LB-CL X2
8. G1/4" Silver Shining T-Rotary IG1/4"X2 Extender BP-TR-C X1
9. silver dual g1/4 extender 20mm BP-WTP-C72 X2
10. silver mini snake style dual g1/4 extender BP-MSR X5
11. silver aqua pipe 1 BP-WTP-C17 X1
12. dual d5 mod top Pom version BP-2D5TOPP-BK 1
13. dual/single d5 upgrade kit 250 black Pom cap BP-D5TOPUK250P-BKCL X1
14. z cap II with 3 g1/4 BP-WTZPC2-BK X1
15. silver anti cyclone adapter BP-WTP-C46 X1
16. g1/4 silver d-plug set mini BP-WTP-C28 X5
17. Silver valve with black handle BP-MVV-SLBK X1
18. silver anti twist adapter BP-DR-C X2
19. O-Ring Kit For Bitspower Dual D5 MOD TOP (Deep Red) BP-ORK2D5MT-DRD X2
20. O-Ring Set II BP-WTP-O502-BK X1
21. G1/4" Silver Shining Mini Dual G1/4" Extender BP-WTP-C42 X2
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Today went down to Sim Lim Tower to purchase the following items.

- SKIL Heat Gun
- 1500 & 2000 Grit Sandpaper
- Small File for filing the tubes
- 4 X Gentle Typhoons AP15

As for now I am leaning towards for push or pull config only. If I were to mount Push Pull config, I believe my wife will kill me for having a turbine in our room.

Beside the noise factor, the the width of the Fans + Rads would be 25mm + 80mm + 25mm X 2. It will be 260mm back to back which I believe STH10 internal frame width is only 246mm.

If I were to do pull or push config, the total thickness of the rads and fans are only 210mm which gives the rads some breathing space.

But I might be considering to acquire 3 more Gentle Typhoons to my EK XTX360 to do push and pull config which are mounted in the flexbay of STH10.

By the way, thank you knightraven for selling me the QDC which now in total I have 5 pairs.

I have two more female QDC coming from US. The female threaded QDC which I ordered from Hong Kong is OOS.

I ordered from linkecomputer which is based in Hong Kong. I email and asked if they still have stock for it. They told me there are stock for it. After I paid, they email me notifying me that the stock had the wrong SKU on it and was the male variation. So had no choice but to make a refund for it.

But right now I have 5 pairs QDC and the plans for them are.

2 Pairs QDC - Bottom Chamber Radiators
2 Paris QDC - Flex Bay Radiator
1 QDC - Use as spare

Right now, I had also increased the numbers of fittings needed as I am leaning towards creating the same parallel fitting design on my board but with different design.

I am leaving the design aside for now till my E22 tubings arrive.

Currently a buddy of mine had help to order a total of 25m of E22 tubings for four of us. I am ready to bend some stuff.
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