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Where did you get those black looms holding the 24 pin cables together?
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Those are actually mini cable ties that I had gotten in local hardware stores. Must be mini sized ones as if its too thick, too much gap of the tied cables will be exposed.
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I had also done up the layout of flow and components placement for the new build.

Components Layout

Tubing Loop Layout

The above loop layout is almost identical to my current loop. But I be using the acrylic tubing to create some special bends in my built.
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I am placing an order of $800 worth of fittings from Bitspower Taiwan. Experience learnt, not all Bitspower items are worth getting as some are even overpriced compared to the resellers in US such as Performance PC.

Fittings I ordered include C47 X 40pc, and some other rotaries extenders.

I had also gotten most of the tools needed for this upcoming built. I have to purchase a small wooden plant, and a can of color spray for my newly bought Gentle Typhoons.

Estimation Arrival of Parts:

Monsta 480mm Rad: 1st week of Sept
Monsta 360mm Rad: 1st week of Sept
Bitspower Fittings: 1st week of Sept
Koolance QDCs: 2nd week of Sept
E22 Tubings: No news as for now but items shipping to Vpost UK now

Items yet to purchase or plan:
Light Bar Strip (for front panel)
Fan Hub (Might be getting Deep Cool 4 X 3pin Fan Hub)
120mm Fan Grill X 4
Spray paint for fans
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Painting Gentle Typhoons
I had took some images for reference, hope it will be useful for fellow forum members/modders who are keen in coloring their Gentle Typhoons.

Removal of Sticker (voiding of warranty)

Use a lighter/ heat gun to heat up the stickers to ensure no residue left behind for easy removal of the sticker.

Close Look at the C Clip

I used two tweezers and a magnet to remove the C Clips. Magnet is used to attract the C Clip it if the C Clip were to fly out (It does happens very often)

Holding onto the fan blade, I used one tweezer to hold one side of the C Clip and used the other to ply it open. Do note that the C Clip will be very likely to fly away so make sure get the magnet close to the C Clip when removing.

If you lose your C Clip = $20 down the drain. biggrin.gif

Dismantled Gentle Typhoons

After dismantling you will have the following parts. Pls keep them in zip lock bag to prevent any item lost.

- Gentle Typhoon Frame
- Gentle Typhoon Fan Blade
- 2 X Ball Bearing (one with fan blade, one removal from the rear of the fan frame)
- 1 X Spring
- 1 X C Clip

Completed Gentle Typhoon

After dismantling the fan blades, use the spray paint and paint the blades. One tip, paint the blades in thin layers. Wait for each layer to dry before applying the next.

After the blades are painted, fix the blade back to the fan frame. Do remember to use the magnet as well when fixing the C Clip.

Thank you for viewing.
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Did some planning and for my final Aquaero 5 Pro and Poweradjust 2 setup would be as followed:

On Aquaero 5 Pro
Aquaero 5 Channel 1: 4 X AP15 (480 Monsta)
Aquaero 5 Channel 2: 3 X AP15 (360 Monsta)
Aquaero 5 Channel 3: 3 X AP15 (360 XTX Push)
Aquaero 5 Channel 4: 3 X AP15 (360 XTX Pull) *will have to purchase 3 X AP15

On Poweradjusts 2 USB

Poweradjust 2 USB 1: D5 Pump 01
Poweradjust 2 USB 2: D5 Pump 02
Poweradjust 3 USB 3: Enermax Magmas Top Intake
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Was busy spraying color on my newly bought AP15 and Enermax Magmas for the past two days.

Gentle Typhoon and Enermax Magmas

Came home today and guess what arrives. My Female Koolance VL3N Barb had arrived. Been waiting for the past 1 week plus for it. Right now I have a total of 5 pairs of QDCs, I might order 2 more pieces of VL3N Female Threaded and 1 more piece VL3N-MG Male Thread to have 6 sets of QDC with 1 pc as draining tool.

Koolance VL3N 3/8 Barb

Koolance VL3N Quick Disconnects (G1/4 Threaded, Compression, Barb)

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Was busy the whole weekend, and looking forward for my Caselabs STH10 arrival.

It finally arrives yesterday evening.

Rushed home like a young boy to open his present. When got home, I saw the package lying at the doorstep. Freaking huge package.

Opened the package and found out something amiss....

Some of the parts that I had ordered separately are all in white instead of black.

I had custom the black and white colors, Exterior all white except for flexbays are all black.

Interior wise, all black.

The parts that I ordered all came in white,

- HDD Cage
- Short 5.25 Adjustable mounts X 3
- 480 Radiator Stand X 2

Even the 4 sets of 5.25 mounts are white too....

Worst case is, the HDD cage is bent!

I had yet to fix them up and yet so many issues. So discouraging.....

So I sent them email notifying them about this issue and hope they could give me a solution...

As I need to drill some holes for reservoir mounting, I cannot fix up the whole case yet.

So visually, I see no errors or faults on the casing so I am hoping nothing goes wrong with the panels.
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In order to be able to fix up the case, I will need to get the Chassis Divider holes to be done. I had no confidence in getting it done without scratches onto the case so I had to send it down to MOPC today.

At MOPC, all thanks to Kenclass he had helped to give me more ideas in my built include the mounting of holes.

Instead of just drilling 2 X M3 Holes for the reservoir clips, Kenclass suggested me to drill G 1/4 holes instead.

In total 3 X G1/4 holes were drilled which I will further explain the use of them later.

As for now, I am waiting for the replies of Caselabs and hope they can help to resolve the issue by replacing the parts...

I am expecting a few shipments in the upcoming weeks when includes,

- 2 - 3 Koolance QDC,
- 40m of Red Sleeves
- 20m of Grey Sleeves
- 30m of White Sleeves
- 20m of Orange Sleeves
- PCI E Connectors (Red)
- Cable management clips
- PCI E Extension cables (80CM) X 4
- 1M LED Strips (White) X 2
- 3PIN Fan Cable (80CM) X 2
- Enermax Magmas X 4
- Heat Shrinks (Red/Black/White)
- ATX Modding Tools
- 3 Pin Male Connectors (Black)
- Bitspower Fittings (close to $800 of fittings combined with Hianyiaw)
- Demciflex Filters (For Caselabs STH10)

I had also bought additional fans recently.

5 X Enermax Magmas
1 X Corsair Airflow Ram Cooler

The ram cooler is to be used with my row of 3 Aquacomputer PowerAdjust 2 USBs. As there are no aircooling solution for the Poweradjusts so I intend to use the ram cooler to cool them.

In total now which includes my incoming orders of 4 X Enermax Magmas, I have the following number of fans.

- 12 X Enermax Magmas
- 11 X Gentle Typhoons.
- 01 X Corsair Airflow

I am intending to do Push and Pull for my 360 Front Flex Bay radiator, and Pull config for both rads at the bottom.

Fans Config
6 Magmas - 360 XTX Radiator (Flexbay - Push and Pull)
4 GTs - 480 Monsta (Btm Chamber - Pull)
3 GTs - 360 Monsta (Btm Chamber - Pull)
1 GT - Rear Exhaust
3 GTs/ Magmas Top Intake

I will have a total of 6 spare fans GTs/ Magmas which I will decide again when I gotten hold of the Monsta Rads. I am still hoping I could do a push and pull config for both the Monstas.
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Spent a total on 3.5 hours just to fix up the STH10. Took my time as I dont wish the screw driver to go flying and scratch the case.

Fixed up the Main Frame of the STH10, Its MASSIVE

After fixing it up, I started to plan for the relocation and placement of the HDD cage and 5.25 inch bays.

Completed STH10

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