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Been buying all the stuffs required by this Project Rampage II for the past 3 weeks.

My orders from Demciflex had finally arrive today, and expecting for my Bitspower fittings to arrive today as well.

Been lurking at Tao Bao and hooting lots of modding stuffs there. It is modder's heaven there as they have lots and lots of items over there for modders.

I am just hoping that the quality of the sleeves to be on par with MDPC.

I had decided to hoot another Aquaero 5. I bought this off from a bro in VR Forum which he said he had no use for his Aquaero 5 XT. So I gladly told him I could have made full use of it.

Collected from him and found out that it came with black faceplate and also waterblock which is very sweet deal for me.

I also bought 1 X Poweradjust 2 USB, 1 X Aquaero 5 Waterblock and also some additional cheap phobya stop fittings and dual G1/4 transfer adapters which collected from Bro Inoran.

Right now I have dual Aquaero 5 with 3 X Poweradjust (Might hoot two more Poweradjust)

Some might comment that AQ6 is coming soon in Oct. But since I had bought AQ5 Pro and 3 X Poweradjust and their accessories, I dont wish to waste my time and money to puchase the AQ6 which I think will easily hit $300 for the highest end model.

I might be running both if the AQ5 Pro and AQ5 XT independently since I wont be utilizing the USB 2 ports anyway. I am not sure if its possible but I will tryout soon to test the working condition of the newly bought AQ5 XT.

I might be customizing the Triple Bay flex bay panels in order to hold the 5 X Poweradjusts (if I were to buy over the 2 X Poweradjusts) as the color of the mounting bay for Poweradjusts seems to have a ligher shade of black comparing to the rest of the faceplate of my STH10 and the Aquaero 5.
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Sneak peak at what arrive today at my door step.

Bitspower Fittings

My Haul

Jayson's Loot

My Platoon of Fittings (more in my current rig)

I guess I am more or less ready for the migration really soon.
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Today just gotten two more Poweradjusts 2 Ultra. Now in total I have 5 Poweradjusts 2, 3 X Poweradjusts 2 USB amd 2 X Poweradjusts 2 Ultra.

Aquacomputers Poweradjust 2 Ultra

As the top chamber 5.25 bay I can only utilize 3 slots, I am planning two bays to be use for my Aquaero 5 XT and Pro, one bay will be using it either for my Poweradjusts Mounting Bays or my DVD drive.

The Poweradjusts 2 Mounting Kit can only mount 3 X Poweradjusts, I will have to find ways to mount the other two Poweradjusts 2 Ultras.

My options are as followed

- Remove the PA Mounting Kit and drill 6 X 4 Holes onto the 2 Slot Flex Bay slots/ Fan hole plates to secure all of them onto the interior of the Top Chamber

- Create a mounting plate for 2 X Poweradjust 2 using acrylic (Easier to create and cut) and mount them at Top Chamber.
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Today came home early and decided to get something done. Since my demciflex and fittings had arrived. So decided to fix them up.

Since most of the components are still in my rig or still yet to arrive. So I decided to work on the tube routing behind the motherboard tray.

The whole idea is to keep the motherboard tray as neat and clean look.

Tubings and fittings on motherboard tray

Inlet to Reservoir + Fill Port

Decided to use this G1/4 Reservoir Inlet port as a fill port as well.

Fittings used for this setup

1 X Bitspower Mini D Plug (Front Side)
1 X Bitspower T Joint Rotary
1 X Bitspower 30D Rotary Extender
1 X Bitspower Case Panel Fittings
1 X Bitspower 30D Extender
1 X Koolance VL3N- MG (Male Threaded QDC)
1 X Koolance VL3N-F10 (Female Compression Fitting QDC)
1 X Koolance Inline Filter

Installed a pair of QDC so that I could allow coolant to flow into the reservoir instead of flowing to the radiator.

Reservoir Inlet + Fillport

Reservoir Outlet + Pump Inlet + Reservoir Drainage

The set of fittings allows the coolant from exits from the reservoir and re enters to the pump. The bottom of the bottom T Joint Rotary is planned to be used as a drainage for the reservoir.

Fittings used for this setup
2 X Bitspower T Joint Rotary
1 X Bitspower Case Panel Fittings
1 X Bitspower Mini D Plug (Front Side)
2 X Bitspower Stop Fittings (One Installed)
1 X Bitspower Ball Valve (Yet to install)
1 X Bitspower Multi Link Adapter (Front Side)
1 X Koolance male to male G
1 X Koolance SLI Vid Connector

I had decided to use full tubing for the rear panels and will be using full acrylic hard tube (E22) at the front of the casing.

This is so that I could installed Quick Disconnects to allow removal of components/ draining possible easily.
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Went to buy some acrylic today as wanted to DIY myself a lightbox. Planned earlier to get Kenclass to make me one, but decide to DIY myself instead.

While waiting for my acrylic to be cut, I had an idea to create mounting bay for my 5 X Poweradjusts 2.

So I made a quick calculation of the dimension of the Poweradjusts Mounting Bay, and ordered the required acrylic.

After gotten the materials, I sat down and start to think how could I mount them and how should I design it. After designing them, I rush down to get it laser cut out.

Here are the end results. This will be mounting horizontally on the top chamber side rail.

Front View of Poweradjust 2 Bay

Rear View of the Poweradjust Mounting Bay with Project Rampage Logo

(Do note the rear panel's protective sheet has yet to be peeled off)

After getting them laser cutted, I found out that the mounting holes are slighting off .... Guess I have to manually use hole file to file the holes bigger...
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Stated earlier that I will be working on a Lightbox for my STH10.

I did a few failed prototypes which results in lots of materials destroyed.

This is the closest or best I had done up so far. Personally I will try to DIY myself as much as I can as it gives me a sense of achievement especially when all works well.

Below is the blueprint for my lightbox, it is not a full midplate lightbox due to I be mounting a Flexbay Radiator on the front.

Blueprint of the STH10 Lightbox

Will post the completed lightbox once I collect my materials and get them fix up tonight.
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some really nice work here, subb'd biggrin.gif
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Had new plans for my EK XTX 360 radiator.

Instead of using those off the shelves fan grill, I decided to make my own.

Used illustrator to draw out the rad grill and screw holes.

Planned Radiator Grill EK XTX360

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After done up my drawing for the hex radiator grill, I sent them for cutting. Cut 2 pc of them with two different sizes of hex. When place 2 pc of different hex sized of holes together it will create a contrast between two of them.

Hex Radiator Grill

Hex Radiator Grill Showing Full Length

Hex Radiator Grill Color Images

I had also done up the side panel for the Poweradjust which I will take the pics tonight
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Been busy for the past week with my fan grills, light box and also the top chamber side panel for my 5 X Poweradjusts 2.

I am glad to announce the completion of all of the stuffs above.

I had been busy for the past weekend creating new cables for my Aquabus, resleeving the 3pin fan extension cables, USB cables and custom myself a new PSU molex extension cables for my 5.25 devices (2 X Aquaero 5 and 1 X optical drive / Lamptron Touch)

I had also bought lots of stuff from Tao Bao and had received partial of the $300 SGD shipment which includes lots of modding stuffs.

Since right now both my Aquaero 5 has blocks for them, it will bring a total of 9 waterblocks in this loop.

I also had bought a Aquaero Flow Sensor to monitor my flow rate.

With the increment of components, I will have to plan my loop again which I had done up the planned loop. I am planning to install the Flow Sensor either at the top chamber or at the back panel.

Updated Loop Order

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