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Tonight came back early so decided to mount some stuffs....

Had been drawing plans, measuring, planning and laser cutting stuffs for the past two weeks. I had completed the following items.

- Lightbox
- Side Panel
- Poweradjust mounting panel
- 2 X Gloss Black 360 Rad Grill
- 2 X Barley White 360 Rad Grill
- ASUS ROG Logo (Had yet to plan where to mount it yet)

Beside the laser cutting, I had also spent my last weekend sleeving the Poweradjusts Aquabus cables and DIY my own molex extension cables. I had also decided to change the color of my sleeves to all white.

Side Panel

Screws for the Poweradjusts 2 on the Side Panel

Side Panel Mounted onto STH10
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Poweradjust 2 Mounting onto Side Panel

Custom White Sleeved Aquabus Cables

Test Mounting with triple 120mm Enermax Magmas

Custom made Lightbox at 17mm High
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Collect another parcel of modding materials for my built. I had spent close to $400 on Tao Bao recently.

Stuffs I had bought are

- 3mm Sleeves (Red, Black, Grey, White, Orange) 20 - 40m each color
- 4mm Sleeves (Red, Black, Grey, White) 20 - 30m each color
- 3.2mm Heat Shrink (Red, Black, White) 4m each
- 4.6mm Heat Shrink (Red, Black, White) 4m each

Cable Management

Cable management C Clips - 20 - 40 of each sizes
Cable management bar clips - 10 - 20 of each sizes
PVC Fan Filters - 8 pc
Rubber rings for fan screws
plaster spacers
red mobo standoffs spacers
3pin fan extensions - 80cm X 7
molex spiltters - 5 pc
USB Extension cables - 2 pc
HD Audio Extension cables - 1 pc
2pin Switch/Reset Extension cables - 4 pc
USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 cable - 1 pc
Molex to Sata low profile convertor - 1 pc


Koolance Male to Male fitting - 5 pc
Koolance 10mm Extender - 4 pc

Cables Modding Tools

ATX Removal Tools (Set)
3Pin Fan Molex - 60 pc Black 40 White
Female Molex (Black/White) - 30 each
Male Molex (Black/White) - 30 each
Molex and 3pin Fan pins - 100 each
Seasonic 24pin Sleeved Cables - 1 pc
Seasonic 6pin Sleeved Cables - 4 pc
Seasonic 8pin CPU Cable - 1 pc
Seasonic Molex Cable - 1 pc
Seasonic Sata Cable - 1 pc
6pin 80cm PCI E Extension Cable - 6 pc
24pin 60cm Extension Cable - 1 pc

1m White LED strip with 70cm cable with 3pin - 2 pc
2m RGB LED strip - 1 pc
RGB controller
LED controller

Some images of the items bought are shown below.

Cables Sleeves

Cable Management Clips

Spacers and Rubber O Rings for Fans

LED Strips
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For lighting, I had prepared the following.

Dual 5mm White LED w 70cm Cables - 2pc
Dual 3mm White LED w 70cm Cable - 1pc
Dual 3mm Red LED w 30cm Cable - 3pc

RGB LED Strip 2M - 1pc
White LED Strip 1M - 2pc
White LED Strip 1.5M - 1pc

I will be using the white LED bulbs (5mm and 3mm) for my Bitspower D5 pump tops and also my EK CPU block.

Lightbox - either the 1.5M White LED (Installed) or the 2M RGB LED

Case Interior (Btm Chamber/Top Chamber) - 1M White LED Strip.

I am trying to keep the casing with all white LED with little accent of red.

Wish to have the coolant (Pastel Red) to be the focus and create the contrast with the surrounding.
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Was kind of busy this weekend, so just manage to did some custom length cables for my SSDs.

Custom length Seasonic SATA power cables.

I dropped by Sim Lim Tower yesterday evening after work, wanted to just get 10m of 18AWG cables. In the end, I toyed the idea of soldering stuffs. So I bought a cheap soldering iron and some flux. Went home and tryout soldering. Gosh... It is so easy to solder.

Since right now, I have the tools for soldering. I will try splicing my 120mm radiator fans. this will ensure that cables will be routed and managed nicely within the rig. Will try to do 3 X 120mm 3pin > Single 3 Pin to be routed to the Poweradjusts. This means that those 6 XModmytoys Fans Distrubution PCBs and Swiftech PWN 8 X 3pin I had bought will be wasted.... I think I might just use the Fan Distribution PCB to connect all of my LEDs to them instead.
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Today went over to Sim Lim Tower to get my 2 metre of RGB LED to be spilt into 1.5m and 50cm respectively. Could have done it myself but since I just learnt soldering for only 2 days so decided not to take the risk of ruining my new LED strips.

I also removed my current Aquaero 5 Pro and 2 X Poweradjusts 2 from my current rig. Installed waterblock onto the Aquaero 5

Aquaero 5 Pro with waterblock installed

I also gotten news that my radiator had arrived. Since it had arrive which also means I am ready to go on full throttle on the build.
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Today, my wife received a mail from Taiwan. Kingston is officially sponsoring me a SSD for my current build Project Rampage II.

As I am not at home to receive the package, my daughter shall have the honor to help her daddy to open the package.

Sadly that I am still at work when the package arrive, I will have to wait till I get home tonight then I could checkout on the SSD itself.

Currently I have the following SSDs.

Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB
OCZ Vector 128GB

In terms for outlook wise, I love the stealthy look of HyperX 3K, I will be able to test the performance of this new addition after my rig is up. For now lets view the pictures.

Parcel from Kingston

My Little Zeus revealing whats inside the parcel

Kingston Hyper X 3K 120GB SSD
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I will be collecting both my Alphacool Monsta 360 and 480 radiator later this evening.

As I be mounting these two Monsta radiators together, I can only afford to do either push and pull in my bottom chamber.

Which of the radiator fan setup should I go with for my 480 and 360 radiators:

- Both Push
- Both Pull
- One Push, One Pull

I hope to hear some suggestions from fellow modders.
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Was really busy this weekend, but managed to get some stuff accomplished.

I collected my radiator on thursday, sadly one of the radiator's paint is peeling so had to repaint the radiator.

Since I be painting the radiator, I decided that I should paint both my Aquaero 5s faceplate and mounting plates.

Aquaero 5 XT and Pro on STH10

Aquaero 5s Waterblock Fittings and Setup

USB Cables and Aquabus Linked to Aquaero 5s
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I had also mount all of my Poweradjusts 2 USB/Ultra into the top chamber of my STH10. I also custom create Aquabus cables for the whole setup.

Poweradjusts 2

For Project Rampage II, one of my key goal is to create a very neat cable management. As there are a total of 3 radiators which means I have a minimum of 10 fans on them. To create a neat and tidy fan cables management, I decide to do a very simple mod.

I had connect all of the 480 radiator fans and solder all of them cables into one single cable.

Radiator Fan Cable Mod

Radiator Fan Cable Mod Completed

Case Internal lighting Mounted

Lightbox Test
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