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Lastly for this weekend update is the unboxing of the newly sponsored Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD. Had only managed to find time to unbox the SSD today.

Was really impressed with the built quality of the Kingston HyperX 3K SSD. The whole casing is made of metal which makes it feel and look more durable than other brands of SSD I owned.

Kingston HyperX 3K

Packaging Interior of Kingston HyperX 3K

Kingston HyperX 3K with Mounting Kit

Overall I am impressed with the SSD in terms of looks and build quality. The only complain is that, Kingston should have used Black Mounting Kit instead of the supplied blue one.
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Last night I received the big bulk of my modding stuff shipment which includes.

- 3mm White Sleeves (40m)
- 6mm White Sleeves (20m)
- 3mm Titanium Grey Sleeves (20m)
- 4mm Titanium Grey Sleeves (20m)
- USB 3.0 Extension Cables (flexible)
- ATX pins
- Molex Female pins
- Molex Male pins
- Fan 3 pins
- Y extension cable for 4pin LED strips
- White 3pin Fan connectors
- Seasonic Custom Cables 24pin
- Seasonic Custom Cables 6pin PCI E X 2 Sets
- Seasonic Custom Cables 8pin CPU
- Seasonic Custom Cables Molex Extension X 2 Sets
- Seasonic Custom Cables Sata
- Red/Black PCI E 8pin Cables
- Black 10mm Heat Shrink
- White 8mm Heat Shrink
- White 10mm Heat Shrink

For the Seasonic custom molex and sata cables I might have to redo a few of them due to the length is not long enough as I had made some changes after placing the order. Glad that I now have most of the tools needed to custom my own PSU cables.
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This week I had been busy soldering all of the radiator fans together.

So far I had soldered -

4 X 120mm Fans > 1 Single 3 pin Connector (480 Monsta Rad)
3 X 120mm Fans > 1 Single 3 pin Connector (360 Monsta Rad)

3 X 120mm Fans > 1 Single 3 pin Connector (Top Chamber Fan Intakes)

I also redo the following set of cables which includes my poweradjusts aquabus cables (change to all white cables)

- 5 X Molex PSU cables (Poweradjusts 2)
- 5 piece of Aquabus Cables

Had redone all of the aquabus cables as the sleeves will show the black cables. (TMD K Dash made me kept looking at it and like an eye sore hahaha).

I had also removed all of my poweradjusts and aquaero 5 today to do final testing to ensure all poweradjusts are detected in my aquaero 5 as fan channels (Previously I hook them up separately).

I also mount the reservoir in the rig which I had bought last week. Although I have the reservoir but it is currently still in my current rig.

The next stage of my build will be planning and design a custom SSD and HDD mounting plate. This storage mounting plate will be mounted onto the rear of mobo tray.
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Poweradjusts with Aquabus and Molex Cables

Custom made aquabus and molex extension cables. Used both white cables and white sleeves to attain pure white for the cables.

Drain Valve 01 Installed

This is one of the two draining valve I be installing. This drain valve is located at the bottom of the res (via rear panel). The other drain valve will be located at the lowest point of the case which is at the dual Monsta Rads.

Aquacomputer Flow Sensor

Floating Reservoir

I also custom made two pieces of USB cables for my Aquaero 5 Pro and XT. As STH10 is very huge and even the 1m length USB cable provided is not long enough to reach the mobo. So I had to custom made my own cables using my own cables and crimps.
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As I foresee I will need more 90D Rotaries, Anti Twist Rotaries, and Aqua Link II fittings, I ordered more of these fittings yesterday.

I also gotten two sets of bitspower quick disconnect bringing in to a total of 7 sets of QDCs in my inventory. But I wont be using all of the QDCs, I gotten extra QDC as they are all of different mounting options (Compression/ Barb/ Inner Threaded/ Outer Threaded).

Quick Disconnect Location:

1. Reservoir Intake
2. 480 Monsta
3. 360 Monsta
4. Aquaero 5 XT
5. Extra Set for Draining.

I had also done a simple mod to my RGB LED controller's infra cable length. As the default cable is just 10cm, and I had two of the controller. I came up with the idea of both units sharing the same infra sensor, so I did a mod by soldering the two units' infra sensor cables together and then extend the length of the cable to 60cm.

Soldered the cables of two RGB Controllers' Infra cable to one sensor

I had also purchased an additional 360mm radiator. I actually dont have to purchase this new Phobya G Changer 360 radiator as I have an EK XTX360 in my rig currently. But to cut down the down time of my rig during migration. I decide to purchase this new radiator. By doing so, I could start to mount the radiator into the rig and plan out where to drill the G 1/4 holes for pass through from mid chamber to top chamber.

Was considering a 30mm and 60mm radiator but went ahead for Phobya G Changer due to the thickness (I do know thick =/= better cooling) and also the number of ports available.

Collected the radiator last night and removed the logo sticker as it might be an eye sore (not thats its ugly, it looks good actually). I also did a quick flush of the radiator to ensure the radiators are free from nasty stuffs.
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Removed all of my rad and did the old school way of flushing radiators. Shaft the water house onto my 3/8 5/8 tubing and screw it into my radiators. Turn on the water and let it run for 3 - 5 mins each.

As one of the radiator is pre owned, color dyes (gunk) still can be found after flushing for very long. In the end, mix warm water with white vinegar and flush it, and it is sparkling clean with just tiny traces of blue coolant left.
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Radiators for Project Rampage II

Notice any difference in the radiator beside its thickness? Actually two of them are Alphacool and one is from Phobya.

Phobya G Changer looks exactly the same in terms of built, radiator housing etc with Alphacool. I bet them came from the same factory.
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I had ran out wires for customizing my 3pin cables, so went down to purchase 100m roll of cables from Sim Lim Tower. This will solve the problem of endless trips down to Sim Lim Tower whenever my cables run out.

My earlier shipment of goods from Tao Bao includes a RGB LED 4pin Y Splitter and additional 2m of RGB LEDs. I have no complains about it only that all of the plugins are all female for the Y Splitter.

I went down to Sim Lim Tower to get them to customize a Male to Male 4pin cable for the Y Splitter so that I could plug it into the RGB LED controller.

LED related stuffs done at Sim Lim Tower:
- daisy chain 2 X 1M RGB LED Strips
- soldered wire connect for 1M White LED Strip
- Male to Male 4pin cable

I also bought some 16mm Sleeves to tryout some tube sleeving. As last night I was busy soldering fans and fixing them up to the Phobya G Changer 360 (flexbay radiator) so I dont have the time to tryout the tube sleeving.

Sneak peak of my Flexbay Radiator's double stacked hex grill

Instead of showing the radiator fins through the hex grill, I had installed 3 X 120mm fan PVC mesh sandwiching between the grills and the radiator. I am happy with the overall outlook of this radiator setup so far.

I will find time to take some pictures of the radiator tonight using my DSLR.
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Subbed from a fellow Singaporean!
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Flexbay Radiator Mount: Phobya G Changer 360 V2

Phobya G Changer 360 Port Options

I will be installing Red LED Strips into the Flexbay Fans which include my 360 Flexbay radiator mount and 120mm Flexbay fan mount.

These LED strips will be thermal controlled, their brightness will be determine by the system temperature.
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