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This weekend is bad for me as my PSU is burnt out. This is the 3rd time that it broke....

Since my PC is downed, I took this time to fixed up various items. This includes revamping the rear panel cables as well as fixing up the fittings linkage in the bottom chamber.

Bottom Chamber Dual Monsta Rad's Drain Valve

This simple drain valve is made up of various fittings. They are Bitspower 90D Rotary, Bitspower Aqualink I, Bitspower T Joint Rotary and Bitspower 15mm Extender.

This is place at the lowest point of the case, draining could be easily done by plugging in a tubing.

I had also spent my past week busy doing up the Flexbay 120mm Fan Mount and 360mm Flex Bay Radiator Mount. I had installed LED strips which is controlled by Aquaero 5. These LEDs are expected to lit up

FLex Bay Mount LED Test
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As wife was sick so had to take care of her and baby. So during my free time I thought of doing a simple mod for the SLI Bridge.

Custom SLI Bridge Cover. Tried to install LED Strip to make it glow but it did not turned out nice so decide to leave it without any LED.

Custom Hex Design SLI Bridge Cover
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Drilled a total of 5 X G1/4 ports today. 4 were drilled onto the mobo panel and one of the top chamber covers.

So what do I do with the holes?

Back Panel: The Three Towers

The newly drilled holes were installed with a Panel Pass Through fittings which were to hold on to T Joint rotary at the back.

The T Joint rotaries will act as a pillar to route the inlet and outlet of water pipes. I had also changed the placement of the QDC to the T Joints as well. So I call this, The Three Towers!
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Mini Update:

Been thinking for a while to custom a faceplate for the front panel bays. Since most of the watercooling components' placement had been set and wont be making much changes. So its time to focus more on the aesthetics of the casing.

As i was fixing up the Aquaero 5s power and managing the cables, I felt that I had to do something about the inbetween gaps for the 5.25 devices and flex bay plates. So I came out with an idea. Custom a four bay faceplate with Aquaero 5s cutouts, the remaining 2 slots will have a logo cut out as well.

Since I be cutting out the logo on the two bays, I be creating a mini lightbox as well to lit up the logo. Logo will be lit by using RGB LED strips controlled by my Aquaero 5 LED Amp which is on its way from Germany.

I will be mainly using RGB LED strips which will change color in sync with the casing temps.

Location of RGB Strips:
- Mobo Chamber - 1.5m
- Front Panel Side Vents - 25cm X 2
- Front Panel Logo - 40cm X 1
- Bottom Chamber - 1M X 2
- Top Chamber 60cm X 2

All of these strips will be hooked up to the Aquaero 5 LED Amp which is said to be able to handle 20M of RGB LEDs.

Design of Custom Front Panel Faceplate with Aquaero 5 cutouts
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Went to get some acrylic and sent for it to laser cut my 5inch bay faceplate. I also bought some extra acrylic to create a small light box.

Front Panel Faceplate with Aquaero 5s Mounted and RGB LED Strip Installed.
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This is immaculate work, job well done so far and very impressive precision and attention to detail.

May I ask what you use for the panel pass-through fittings, and how do you get them to stay mounted in position?
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Thanks for the comments. I am using Bitspower Panel Pass Through Fittings. It is a 2pc fittings which are screwed together to clamp it tightly on the panel
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Earlier, I spoke about the idea of creating a custom rear panel for this build. To create a panel is easy but what is the use of the panel? So I gave it a thought, beside just a simple panel to cover the mini hex holes, I want to illuminate it.

Design of the Panel

Since Project Rampage II core design revolves hex so I had decided to create hex shape holes on the panels that will illuminate.

It is a 4 layers panels design. The whole setup will be secured using the 4 X 4mm holes on the 120mm

I had choose to use 5050 LEDs to illuminate the whole panel. Brightness will be in sync with my lightbox.

The panel had sent for laser cutting and will only return within these few days. Hope when returns, my measurements are correct and fits perfectly.
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After finalizing the design and measurements of the rear panel. I sent for the acrylic to be laser cut.

As the rear panel is going to be mount onto a mobo tray, so the panel will have to be a few millimeters smaller than the mobo tray itself.

The whole panel itself is divided into 4 different panels, Base, Frame, Lighting Panel, Cutouts.

Total thickness of the whole panel is 11mm for the 4 panels.

Below is the image of the panel mounted into the casing itself. Perfect fit.

Rear Panel Test Mounting

After test mounting, I went ahead to spray paint the sides of the panels as all of them are of different acrylic. I used matt black to cover the border to prevent light to leak out from the sides before using acrylic glue to blue the pieces together.

As the whole panel is lit by 5050 LEDs which are known to be very bright. Like I predicted, there bound to be hot spots could be seen very clearly. Increasing of the thickness of the lighting panel is a must. So I used some remaining acrylic to elevate it. The sweet spot is additional 8 or 9mm. But if I were to go that thick the whole panel would be close to 20mm. So I chose to go for 6mm instead.

I will order two more pieces of lighting white of 3mm each to send for cut tonight.

Rear Panel LED Lighting Test
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Bidding goodbye to my dual 680s. I am intending to get 2pc of 290X running crossfire. Will be ordering Aquacomputer's 290X blocks with EK backplates.

Reason for EK backplate is because of its clean finish which I have some idea for the backplates.

A few items had recently arrived as well.

Aquacomputer Stainless Steel Filter

Aquacomputer Stainless Steel Filter: Rear of filter with dual ball valves

Aquacomputer Stainless Steel Filter: Front view with see through window

Partial Bitspower Fittings (rest of half in two other rigs)

Bitspower 90 Degree Rotaries

Bitspower T / L / Q Joint Rotaries (9 more in my rigs)

Bitspower Triple Snake Rotaries

Bitspower Compression Fittings and Multi Link Adapters
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