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Before I begin I should say that I did enjoy the over all experience so don't take this as me being negative or anything like that. These are just a few things that I wish I would have known before shelling out the money for it.

So I just finished this "game" and felt I should point out some things to those who might be interested.

1. First and foremost this is NOT a horror game. Despite what you may see, hear, and feel there is nothing otherworldly or odd going on. I feel this is important as the tone of the game and what not heavily points to this.

2. The game is SHORT. Even if you fully explore, read everything, and do everything this game is 2-3 hours long TOPS. I started playing at 1:15AM with 30 minutes of breaks in between playing and finished it completely without skipping over anything by 3:30AM.

3. Don't expect too much in terms of "game play". You basically just walk around and find some clues and the story unfolds. It's really nothing more than one of those 2D adventure games where you find stuff except it's in 3D and first person. Simply put, while there is a lot to interact with 99% of it is pointless and doesn't mean anything.

4. Don't expect a deep story. Though it may seem like it this certainly isn't one of those "2DEEP4UBRO!" type affairs. If you are someone that catches on quickly you'll find out what the story is about 20 minutes into the game. There are some sub-plots other than the main part but they aren't all that interesting or fleshed out.

5. Wait for a sale. It's $18 now ($20 regularly) and while the game isn't what I was expecting it does have a good, although cliched, story and is definitely worth playing for $5 or there abouts. Even despite me enjoying it over all I certainly don't feel it's worth the money.

Well that's it! If I say anything else I'll ruin it but just know that this probably won't be what you're expecting and depending on who you are you may or may not like it.