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Samsung ATIV Book 8 RAM

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So, I'm kind of new to this whole Windows 8 thing because I built a computer last summer and used Windows 7 Pro which has gotten me by and I'm more than satisfied with it. However, I have been trying to get used to Windows 8 as my new Samsung ATIV Book 8 came installed with it. I was looking at resource management, which seems to be lacking on Windows 8 in general, and so I opened the Task Manager to find out how much RAM I've been using and why I was using up so much of my processor capacities. This was before I did an HDD to SSD swap on my laptop with a 256GB 840 Pro. Now that I've been looking at RAM to find out if I should expand to 16GB of RAM, I noticed that my task manager says I have four slots on which to install RAM. When I opened the computer to do the swap, I only saw one as the other three (supposedly) were tucked away somewhere. I was wondering if this is a glitch on Windows 8 that says that every computer has four slots although notebooks, unless they are gaming spec, only have two. I'm thinking I'm going to expand to 16GB and I was curious to find those other slots to maybe expand even further or switch out whatever RAM Samsung preinstalled just for my ease of mind.

Also, what does that "Committed" mean? It says I have committed 6.8GB of 12.4GB? Once again, I'm new to this whole Windows 8 thing and just want to make sure I understand everything that there is to understand.

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Committed is the same as cached on Win7. It simply means that much RAM is available for use immediately thumb.gif
Also, I highly doubt you'd need 16gb of RAM. Anything resource-heavy would be limited by your mobile CPU before you'd hit a ceiling on available memory.
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i have gone to many different windows 8 machines and found the same problem. you are not alone. by the way, photoshop reaches the ceiling of my ram drives. same laptop as you. my processor is still low when i have the ram at 80 or 90 percent
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