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Hi everyone
I've been hunting around the net and youtube for advise on how to go about this but had only a very limited amount of success
I currently have an I7 2700K running on a asus p8z68-v/gen3 mobo with a corsair h100 water cooler I want to overclock but as i'm a real noob at this I have no idea what most of the settings do .
Currently I can get it up to 4.7ghz by just using the turbo multiplier I would ideally like to get it up just a bit more to 4.9 but when I try some of the things within videos etc I generally get the bsod
I have no idea on how to set up the voltages to achieve this
Can someone point me in any info on how to do this preferably with this board so I can recognise what i'm looking for.
I more than happy to read up on how but as long as its noob proof
I've seen people with my sort of setup running at 5ghz with lower voltages than I getting now so I think it can probably be done ,I just don't know how rolleyes.gif
many thanks for any advice I'll keep looking in the mean time