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Looking to start tweaking my system

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Hi OC'ers

Relatively new to OC'ing thought i would register here and contribute what i can and hopefully learn a bit more about it biggrin.gif

I have been through a few articles and a youtube tutorial on getting a bit more from my system but it never seems to work out the way i want ..
I seem to get the blue screen of death more often than not lol!

Well here is what im working with :

CPU: i5 2500k
MB: Asus P8Z68-V
GPU: P/C HD7850
RAM: 16g G.skill ripjaws 2133
SSD1: 120g samsung 840 SSD
SSD2: 64g Patriot pyro SSD
PSU: Vantec ion 750w
CASE: Coolermaster CM Storm
Fans: 1x200mm , 2x 120mm
CPU Cooler: Coolermaster V8

My main question is, should i use software in windows to oc my gpu and cpu, or go through bios? And which programs would be best for monitoring temps, clocks etc. I guess its a bit of a hit and miss till i get it right i understand that all chips are different.
Mainly looking for better GPU performance as i mainly use it for gaming but some CPU performance couldnt help could it biggrin.gif

Thanks for any replies in advance, i know you guys have probably answered these questions over and over have found tut's with other mobo..
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You definitely want to be OCing via the BIOS and not relying on some program. Now, I say this for CPU and RAM. Our GPU, on the other hand, can be tinkered with by using MSI Afterburner. You should monitor your Voltages and temps using Core Temp, CPUZ and Open Hardware Monitor. As for stress tests, Prime95, Intel Burn Test and Memtest are amongst the common ones. In regards to GPU, there are some benchmarks you can run like FurMark or Unigine, not sure what's used these days. But those are somewhere you can start.
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Also, lemme know how OCing goes with your 7850. I have one as well but haven't attempted to mess around with it yet.
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Will do biggrin.gif And thanks for steering me in the right direction
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I have been overclocking since my first cyrix 286 lol. its just a hobby but I agree that bios overclock will provide the most stable overclock possible. please read all you can find about your chip/mobo and feel free to ask questions to clarify questions you have after you read. ALWAYS keep your temps low as possible. Run stability tests to be certain like syxes mentioned.

As for the hd7850 I just bought a GIGABYTE GV-R785OC-2GD off of ebay for 125$ and just using the amd cataylist/overdrive and found that it hits 1ghz easly on the core and memory hit 1500mhz. as always check temps and run stability tests I could probably go higher on both but that was just fine for the games im running. msi afterburner is also good but i sometimes get higher overclocks with the amd overdrive... it also lets you manually set fan speeds and max temps cutoff etc allowing for safe OC.

For cpu find a good quality cooler more copper the better with aquality strong fan. Personally I find unless your doing some extreme overclocks a good quality air cooler is just fine for a decent OC. You really only need water or mineral oil coolers for extreme OC. I was on a site the other day comparing some of the best water and air cooler systems (cant find the link atm). The end results was that the air cooler was only 2-5 deg hotter under max load with a serious OC and a heavy load. and at idle they were all within 1 deg of each other (which they discounted due to changes in ambient temp) no matter which cooling solution they used.
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Thanks for that info, much appreciated.
I am using a Coolermaster V8, was told it would do the job very well from some reviews ive seen hopefully will be plenty for what i need. Have got it from 3.3ghz to 4.2ghz so far but am thinking i will need to up the voltage to gain more, will see how i go.
Have my GPU clock at 980mhz and memory clock at 1250mhz for now, seems quite stable will tinker with it more to see where i can get too.

Thanks for the help, the programs you mentioned are now downloaded and making things alot easier thumb.gif
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