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Originally Posted by doyll View Post

Yes, my avatar is old picture. I have a couple of systems and am always playing with them.

I/O is the motherboard in and out connection area area that you plug things into on back of case. wink.gif

First is view of case laying on bench from behind. Second is view from side with back of case on bottom of image. Sorry, only images I have handy.

Could you please tell me the distance of 4 PCI slots? I will have a similar build that the one show in the picture
I would like to remove the pci covers a attach an exhaust fan

Do you think the vga will be too close to the CPU cooler?

There is any other way to remove easily all the heat dissipated by the VGA (7970)?
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I'm still doubting between
Silver Arrow SB-E (no extreme edition)
Noctua NH-D14

Where i live I can't get the Phanteck, and all the reviews I have found uses the extreme edition of silver arrow, so I can't find a clear comparison between both. I think I will go with the Noctua, also I think it will be quieter. Any advice?
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I'm running both a Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme (on i7 920) and TC14PE) with TY-143 fans (on i7 980. Idle is 25-29c@700rpm and full load is 42-49c@950-1050rpm with 21-26c ambient. 950-1050rpm is from almost hearing to just barely hearing at 2 meters... on open bench. I've also ran stock Phanteks PH-F140TS & PH-F140HP (released on coolers last spring). No noise level difference at same rpm . At same rpm F140HP cool same as TY-143, F140TS (old style) are less than 1c warmer. Don't have NH-D14 to compare but would expect it to be not more than 1c... maybe 2c warmer at most.

Not much difference in performance. Here's review of SA SB-E SE (2x TY-147 black/white fans - same performance as TY-141 on normal SA SB-E) and NH-D14. With OC'ed heat there is 1c and 2.5dBA difference. 1c is well within tolerance of air for testing... could be how well the TIM was applied... and 2.5dBA sound difference is less than human ear can hear... most people can hear differences of 3-3.5dBA and above .

Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme is same noise level as SA SB-E and SA SB-E SE up to 1300rpm... with PWM control and normal overclock they won't need more than 1300rpm to keep things cool. wink.gif

Below links give audio of TY-140/141/150 fan on different Thermalright coolers. and video gives TY-141/150 on Silver Arrow SB-E, TY-143 on Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme and H100 with it's stock fans too.

I have posted links to video of SA SB-E, SA SB-E Extreme and H100 numerous times

jump in to 3:40 for results

i7 3820 @4.75GHz
Temperature is delta.

H100 . . . . . . . . 41c 2500rpm. . . . . . . . 55dBA 2
SA SB-E . . . . . . 42c 1000rpm & 1300rpm 38dBA TY-150 & TY-141
SA SB-E Extreme 34c 2500rpm. . . . . . . . 56dBA 2x TY-143

and here's link to audio clips of 25 coolers at 700rpm and full speed:
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