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Just exchanged it for an Asus Maximus VI Extreme. Hopefully this one isn't DOA. I should've gone with Asus to begin with.

Hey MadProfessor,

I had the same similar issue with my M6E first few times I booted it but it ironed itself out, I seen you changed your sig already, what was the mobo you returned?

It was an ASRock Z87 Formula OC.
How are you finding you Maximus VI Extreme? I'm loving mine! hmm there are a few of us that have M6Es on but we don't have a Official Club :-(

Truthfully, I'm just glad the damned thing works. This entire upgrade has been a giant pain in the posterior, from a mobo with connection problems to a blown PSU to a crapped out SSD. Mine is not a happy face, nor a happy wallet.

Lessons learned from this upgrade:

1) Don't buy anything but ASUS Motherboards.
2) Fully modular PSUs rock on toast.
3) I am so glad I do regular backups.
4) I REALLY need to learn how to do cable management.