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Korean 1440p ebay seller return policy thread

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I figured I would start this thread to compare the sellers' return policies, since i know I'm not the only one that had a bad first buy. So here's my story.

Ordered mine from green-sum and it arrived in about 3 days....amazing how fast these things get shipped to us in the states. It was packaged with the bubble-wrap on the outside and the styrofoam enclosure for the monitor, but that's about it. So I plugged it in, got a flash of orange, and nothing, not even a blinking power LED. Once I saw that I wasn't even getting an LED power indicator I knew there was problems. I emailed green-sum and got a reply the next morning. He suggested a few things, but I knew it was DOA. I took pictures and video and sent to him/her.

So problem #1 was him being on the other side of the planet and his schedule. The communication bandwidth was horrible. I would email him and he would email me back at about 2 in the morning my time and I would reply that morning and then he would email me again the next early morning, and so and so on.

Once he got the videos and the pictures he immediately started playing the blame DHL game. Once that started I knew it was trouble. He wanted to convince me that "just wait 45 or so day for DHL to do an investigation..thanks..bye..have a nice life". I wasn't having any of that. So I ended up filing the pre-claim thingie over at PayPal and then just went ahead and filed a claim. PayPal offered to split the shipping cost with me. DHL had initially told me $380 to ship it back...yeah, right. But I was done messing around and did a chargeback with my credit card company. That seemed to be the tipping point, because then green-sum sent a DHL pre-paid shipping link.

The only thing that really pissed me off was the whole "well, it's between you and DHL now".

I finally ordered from IPSLEDMonitors. It took about 10 days to get here and it was $60 more, but Kyle was very responsive on emails. I had some driver problems initially was worried I had my second lemon, but all is well and loving my 1440p.

Anybody else got any stories/tips on best way to handle these situations. I'm going to order a second one, and not sure if I should try the ebay thing again.
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Korean 1440p ebay Seller return policy? when I emailed two of the sellers that had return policies they basically gave me the run-around and didn't seem familiar with the "defect" policy on their own auctions. I heard similar stories like yours where they tell you to kick the box and blame DHL. fortunately, it seems like the majority of monitors ship in good condition, I don't think they'd be in business if they were all DOA. I actually went the same route and bought from ipsledmonitors ( I think after reading your old posts on the green-sum incident smile.gif

also, I would be cautious on relying on credit card chargebacks. that's not guaranteed to work with paypal and I think the CC companies would be a bit annoyed if you chargeback again on the same monitor.
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The gal that I talked to over at PayPal suggested I go the chargeback route. And yeah, doing another chargeback on another Ebay seller wouldn't look so good, so I'm leaning towards IPSLEDMonitors again. It looks like green-sum has dropped his prices to $269. I'd be tempted to maybe try another ebay seller at the same price.
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