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There is no such thing as 2GbE. Teaming can be RAID0 of 1GbE. One mode takes XORs the packets across the 2-4 ports to give you higher bandwidth.

Yeah I know it was just wishful thinking lol, but I've just been reading about XOR

XOR (balance-xor)
"This selects the same NIC slave for each destination MAC address."

So you would need 2 NICs on client and server but

" The standard specifies that conversations shouldn't be "Fragmented" across interfaces though, so for a given stream it will keep the entire stream on one NIC rather than juggling packets between both interfaces."

so this seems you'd need 2 streams to take advantage of XOR..... But "shouldn't" fragment streams between interfaces doesn't mean you "can't"....?

Adaptive transmit load balancing (balance-tlb)
Linux bonding driver mode that does not require any special network switch support.

This sounds cool. Does this man with enough ethernet ports, I could have a linux firewall and managed switch (and NAS) in one? Have two dual GbE cards for example, one for WAN + LAN, and the other for XOR with 2 cat5e ran to a third dual GbE NIC in my monster PC. Then satellite PC's and devices connect to a GbE DD-wrt router and with single cat5e ran wherever else LAN is needed
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Going to go ahead and close this classified as I have determined that it is a bad Ethernet cable after further investigation that was causing the issue and I no longer need a card.

Excellent information in this thread, will take note of it for future reference.
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