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Didn't china daily said something about a poster on PCGH forums? Why are these "news sites" linking to only China daily instead of analyzing also the original post? Writing: "China daily rooted out some guy/girl who on a forum analyzed images of Sandy-E and Ivy-E, and calculated power densities..." would be much beter journalism than simply reposting some stuff from Chinese article.

Anyway these Ivy-E images are widely available, so nothing prevents anyone to use the same per pixel analysis and show limits.

456x328 L2 cache
588x328 one core
whole area is 2130x1862 including pins.
Now just find proper scaling factors and compare numbers to Sandy.

Actually I just did, arrived to number 258 mm^2, and main reason for so low number is the lack of two cores compared to 8 core die. Of course if 435mm^2 is six core version, then numbers would be far off.

And after another monstrous calculation, after I looked up at 6 core mm sizes, I arrived at 279 mm^2. That's some meaty beast considering the 130 W power.