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Gigabyte Motherboards? UD5H vs Other Manufacturer.. Asus...?

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Hi all,

My last build was a sandy bridge. I used a ud3 back then and have since loved Gigabyte motherboards. My brother has now taken that rig as his own for a small payment and aas a present to myself after getting a new job, and finishing my uni degree, I am going to get a new pc. Decided that I would go for Haswell.

Now, to the point. I have read reviews on a fair few motherboards already, and gotten no where, nothing stands out, positives and negatives for each every board. I decided on a few motherboards, to me it came down to Gigabyte z87 x ud5h, Asus z87 pro or MSI z87 mpower.

I am building this pc for gaming primarily, but I want it also to be a solid daily driver, so modest overclocks, with reliability and solid performance being the absolute highest priority of the build. I read that the ud5h uses a 16 phase power supply ( well, really an 8 phase power supply with a doubler ) but I have also read that the renesas hubs are prone to failing, and that quite often the back usb 3 ports on the panel will not run at usb 3.0 on windows 8.

I have also read that this gen of gigabyte boards are badly built and not up to par with boards from asus and msi. I have always known asus to be excellent quality, however am not really interrested in msi's offerings, nor their overclocking offerings, i just read it was a solid board. But again, I take these things with a grain of salt, because some reviews said that gigabytes bios was the best etc.. there are so many different points from reviewers it's difficult to know what to believe and what not to and can get quite over whelming.

I have a fair amount of hard drives, as this pc will also house my media server ( until I can afford to build a small sever) and my entire film collection and i also use most of my usb ports. again so reliability and solid performance and real world IO performance is important. Basically, I want a board that's gonna handle everything, and still cope.. some overclocking, gaming, audio production, films etc.. without fail. It doesn't need to be the fastest or the best features. I already have a wireless and sound card, so the attractive price of the gb board caught my attention. The quality of the components looks superb.

So was wanting to know if anyones having problems with their gigabyte z87 x ud5h's or similar, some common problems and whether I'd have any issues using this motherboard in conjunction with the 650d and using an internal adapter to use the 650d's front usb 3.0 ports.

I am looking for any and all knowledge and experience on the board, and whether this fits the bill on solid performance and great reliability, and what the best haswell boards are for a gaming / general use / performance motherboard are without going all out.

Cheers guys

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Any help on this question guys? I am aware it's a bit to read, please someone give me a yell about it!
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I will give you my anecdotal experience and you can extrapolate from it what you will. I used both Gigabyte and Asus motherboard for both Z68 and X79. Sorry I can't yet go into too much detail but I would advise anybody to go with Asus every time. (though I quite like the Gigabyte UP5) The Asus bios is just so well implemented. Just one point to aid my case. I had one of Gigabytes flagship motherboards in the X79 Assassin 2. The latest official bios for that board as of me writing this message is a beta bios from November last year. (and this is not because it's stable!) The Asus X79 Sabertooth is from last month.
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Have you tried posting in the Gigabyte Z87 thread? You can probably get some feedback there easier than with a new thread, since a lot of Gigabyte owners are already subscribed to that thread.


I have a UD3H, not a UD5H, but I've been pretty happy with it overall - the BIOS takes some getting used to, but I really like the DualBIOS implementation, and I've had no problem with USB 3.0 on either Win 7 or Win 8. There have been some posts about USB problems in the Gigabyte thread though, but I don't know if they were resolved. Gigabyte has been pretty good about pushing new BIOSes so far also.
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