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what VCore is safe for LOOONG term overclock?

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Hello everyone. I've read all the following guides but I have found that I am more confused than I was before. The task seems more daunting than ever. All I want is a moderate overclock that will not noticeably "degrade" the cpu, for a system that needs to be 24/7 stable for more than 5 years.

I've read:

Overclocking CPU/GPU/Memory Stability Testing Guidelines

Intel X79 Motherboard Overclocking Guide

Sandy Bridge E Overclocking Guide Walk through

Sandy Bridge Extreme Overclocking Thread (X79, 3930K, 3960X)

I can't seem to wrap my head around the complexity of the task. I've found that guides that go into detail just lose me in the details and I get no applicable advice from them. That is on top of the conflicting advice from experts on advanced settings in those guides. (some say to disable turbo, some say it must be on. they also conflict on the method of adjusting voltage.)

All i'm looking for is a very simple advice on how to achieve the 24/7/5year+ overclock. Something like 4.35Ghz. Please walk me through it. I'll do as you say and report back!

System is GA-X79-UP4 -- i7-3930K -- Noctua NH-C14 -- Corsair XMS3 (4x8GB) 1600 MHz -- Corsair HX750
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#1 important thing you didn't include is what kind of cooling do you have on your 3930k? It needs to be rock solid for a long term OC.

I have an older P55 platform 875K going on nearly 4 years now with a moderate for the time 3.62Ghz on a Hyper 212+ from the time of purchase, I clean the case regularly and re-apply TIM about every year or so. No issues at all to report. So I would start with a reasonable target, and 4.35 sounds good. But the voltages are what really matter long term. Depending on what cooling and what volts you have for a given chip, you will get different results in terms of clock speed. Not all chips are created equal due to die processes and what many call the "silicon lottery," so keep that in mind.
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It will depend on your cooling and how much you want to overclock. A Sub 15% overclock will not harm the CPU but then again it will depend what kind of chip you will get. a 4.4 on a haswell will last you a long time, but if you delid or get a fancy liquid cooling system.
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I've added the model of cooler in my sig. It's one of the best air coolers on the market. Noctua NH-C14. The amount of overclock i'm looking for is the most I could get from a logical approach to raising the OC at a fixed long term safe voltage level. I'm just not sure what that voltage number is, nor how to adjust all the motherboard settings to correctly raise the OC.
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Intel's site says:
VID Voltage Range 0.600-1.350V but I've read some people saying that you want to keep it below 1.3 for ultra long term. To make things more confusing on all auto settings the bios is set to 1.36. Any experts care to shed some light?
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