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The stepping 'C0' is the same for both models and each were released at the same time according to CPU World

Even the FX-9590 is 'C0' according to the same site. So it looks like there's really only one version of Vishera. It never saw an update.

I think its safe to assume they are the same chip beside the possibility of the FX-6300 being binned at the lower speed due to slight manufacturing quality differences.

Though if it were me and I would scrounge up the extra money for a FX-8320. The FX-8320 (OC'ed) is essentially the best CPU the AM3+ is ever going to see. If you are going to maximize the lifespan of your current rig, that would be the best choice. You can always add better cooling (Hyper 212, etc) later on down the road. If not, go with the FX-6300.

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