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MSI HD7950 TFIII Power control settings...

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Hey guys,

I was doing some test as I was finding that my card gets hot when stressing it (over 80C).


1150/1350, Power +20%, I stopped at 81C (it can go higher, I already hit 85-86C)
960/1250, Power 0%, 71-72C
960/1350 or 1150/1250, Power 0%, card runs 880mhz GPU
960/1250, Power +20%, I stopped at 81C.

Room temp: 27C
idle 47C at 40% RPM

Why Power limit makes the card getting hotter event at stock clock? Case is well cooled, bottom 140 (not full speed), front 140mm not full speed, 2x 140mm top full speed fractal, one front XSPC 120mm full speed intake.. I could maybe put a 120mm front full speed instead of that akasa, or side 140mm, but I doubt this will change something.. I changed thermal paste for Zalman STG2, as I was looking for which ram I got, and maybe their TIM wasn't well placed stock..

Thanks for any help smile.gif
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What are you using to stress?

Am I correct in reading that you did replace the card's thermal paste? If so, why?

The power limit will make the card run hotter at stock, but marginally so. It does force a higher frequency and slight voltage increase even when at idle, just like if you run your CPU at a fixed frequency and turn power savings off in the bios.

Your voltage might be a bit much for a 960Mhz clock, but for the higher 1150 clock it is definitely too high. I can get 1100/1250 as a 24/7 clock. Maybe it is just they way your chip was made?
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FurMark just to see how high my card can get for temp. While gaming at 1150, it goes to 69-74C depends on the game. I know furmark is just a heater.

Replaced thermal paste as I was reading that some people had their TFIII running a little bi colder with new thermal paste.

ASIC is 68.5%, MSI afterburner set the Core voltage to 1.25v stock. at 1150, this is the 100% maximum stable I can get out of 1.25v, at 1200, It runs 3dmark okay, but while gaming it crashes.

so I guess it is the way the GPU is. I didn'T know the +20% higher TDP would block overclocking, and it would sadly heat that much xD
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