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I am having a very strange issue, left my pc on, and fell asleep on my mouse last night, when i woke up I had 8 bit graphis, (w7 x64)... after further investigation i noticed windows had installed sp1 in my sleep, so i atempted to roll back windows and it wouldnt do it, and when my pc restarted at the end of the windows flag part of the boot it made all kinds of white lines and then loaded my desktop in 8 bit graphics mode again, so i tried a few different ways of fixing it, safemode... etc, and realized my card will do the regular graphics mode as though the drivers wernt installed... the 640 p mode with the black edges arround the screen... so i thought my card was fine, so i did a fresh windows install to simplify life, everything worked normal, graphics where normal etc, after installing I installed the 314.22 drivers because they worked when i last used them, did a reboot and again had the white lines, and 8 bit colors...

so i tried:
different drivers
different copy of windows
reseating my card
switching from watercooling back to air
switching pci-e slots
fresh nv bios flash (have tried 3 different bios revisions all with stock clocks)

all with no luck... stuck either without drivers or in 640p with 8 bit color...

so just for giggles thinking my cards dead i loaded up the latest ubuntu live cd... it works great, full 1080p and full color, i know its using the nuveau drivers, but there is no issue, im using it to type now, any suggestions?

please respond asap, my wasd fingers are getting on me for not gaming tonight wink.gif