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I am running a Seasonic
G550M in a new build the vid card is a gigabyte gtx 660 ti oc windforce that needs two pci-e 6 pin plugs.... when I attempt to use the two supplied with the psu, it errors to the "plug in 6 pin" error... but I can workaround with the molex adaptors.... so
I tested the pci-6 pin cables with a multimeter and each of the two cables read 12 volts.. which
I believe is correct.... no load, but the card being just plugged in does not have load...

Any idea whats going on and how to test it..? I have no other card with pci e 6 pin adapters
note, I just did a retest and was able to get one pci-e cable in and working leaving one failing, at least it frees up the molex line to run to another series of peripherals...
I would feel better knowing for sure it was a PSU issue before doing the sending back RMA thng... thanks

any thoughts on testing? I have a basic multi tester and am trying to verify if pci e cable and ps is issue
Anyone have thoughts?
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