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Looking for suggestions for a new Mouse and Keyboard....

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I am in the market for a new mouse and keyboard to go along with a new system I am building and looking for some suggestions:

For the mouse I am going to use the guide posted on this forum to narrow down what I am looking for..

1. What's your grip style? Float between finger tip and palm. My hands are decent sized man hands laugher.gif However, I don't think I could palm a basketball. Fingers not long enough to do that.

2. What's your sensitivity? I like pin point accuracy so I would say high. 50% of what I do on my computer is web browsing. 20% is Photoshop picture editing, The remainder is equally divided between gaming (shooter style) and other productivity.

3. What's your maximum budget? I don't have a budget. I want quality components, that are durable, and easily maintained and cleaned. I don't want to buy something that is going to fall apart, wear out, or look like crap after a while (show signs of wear, chip, or have paint flake off).

4. Do you want additional buttons? Standard 2 button with a scroll wheel would be ideal. Extra buttons not required but would be considered cake if they were part of the deal.

5. What games do you play? Battlefield, COD series (all), Madden Football

6. Do you mind about prediction? I can take it or leave it. If it can be switched on or off that would be a bonus.

7. Other relevant information: Any mouse or keyboard recommendation MUST be wired. If the device was multi colored LED illuminated that would be great but not a deal breaker. I have a preference for trackball mice but if there is something light years better I am open to suggestions. I have had wired Logitech and Microsoft Trackball mice in the past. (Seeing what both are fetching on Amazon and EBAY I wish I had bought a case of them because the return on that investment would have paid for them ten fold). I want quality and I am willing to pay for it.

Keyboard wise... I do a lot of typing. My only real requirement is that it is a wired keyboard and is LED illuminated. Extra keys not important and standard layout with numeric keypad is fine. Again Quality and Durability along with something built to last is what is important. No budget on the keyboard either.

Its also important to note that the Keyboard and Mouse can come from different manufacturers. The brands do not need to match.

Thanks in advance. thumb.gif
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Any ducky shine keyboard or filco keyboard, with choice of mouse:

Zowie mice
Cm storm spawn/recon
Corsair m40
Roccat kone pure optical/savu

Keyboard alternatives
Cm storm keyboards
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