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I was looking for some opinions

When I reboot sometimes the system seems totally unresponsive and does not post. Especially if I press the Del key before it boots it seems to just stop during post. Only if I wait till it posts then press Del does it seem alright.

However regardless this issue seems random, I can't reproduce it always. I will reboot from Windows, and it beeps, but then nothing, no post screen listing in BIOS. I wait an wait and nothing, although sometimes it will suddenly show me the post screen details after a few mins and proceed normally.

What do you guys think this is? I have the following connected:

1 USB N66
1 USB Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 2000
1 GTX 670 FTW LE
4 Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer

I am using the 2003 bios.

As near as I can recall it's done this mostly since I got it.

Also I have replaced the PSU so it can't be that, nor can it be the CPU as I've tested this thoroughly using Prime95
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