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another question, what are you using for video out? a dedicated card, or integrated intel?

I'm not sure I follow. I use a DVI to connect to my monitor, but I've used both the motherboards DVI as well as the one on my graphics card and I get the same results.
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Can you get into the bios at all, even with an emergency feature like ASUS's push button bios feature?
Nope, nothing appears on my screen and, from what I've gathered, I don't even get far enough in my attempt to boot to access it either way.
Basically I boot it, fans spin and lights shine, then it turns off after 7s and tries again. My board has no such feature, as far as I'm aware.
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On my buddy's old one, when you'd press the power button, the internals o it would stick and it would be like holding the button down. It's a wild guess, just throwing it out there. Try unplugging the power button on the front, and turning it on with a paper clip.
Don't think it's this. I've done the paperclip and booted using the power button directly on the motherboard with the front panel unplugged entirely, as well as used the one on my front panel. No dice.
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My computer has that issue from time to time with an overclock applied to the processor. Sometimes I will boot it up, it will stay in some weird boot cycle before BIOS, and just keep resetting. Maybe you forgot to clear the BIOS or something? Try taking out the battery or shorting the BIOS jumpers on the motherboard. If you take the battery out, try keeping it out for about 20 minutes, I have no idea how long it's supposed to be.

If that doesn't work, try to find another PSU that is compatible with your board (from someone you know preferably) and test to see if the PSU is giving enough juice.

Since the error code is saying memory, I'm not entirely sure, but it's a possibility somehow that the RAM is bad.

I've had the battery out for a little while, but nowhere near 20 minutes. Interesting thought on the PSU, I hadn't given thought to the fact it may be under performing. Sadly, it won't be a possibility to try a different one. As stated, my brother left for school and he was the only other person who has a real computer that I could access. Hopefully that's not the problem.
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