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Which upgrade makes more sense?

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I currently am running:

i5 2500k @ 4.5ghz
Asus P8z68-V LE
1866 Dominator Platinum Ram
Corsiar HX1000 PSU
120gb samsung 840 SSD
MSI Twin Forzr 560ti

I have about 400-450 to spend. I hate the h100i, I already RMA'ed it once, the new unit I already got is already defective. I can't control my fan speeds via Corair link, I can't adjust the LED (stuck on red) and one of the ports where the headers connect is already non working (fans won't move). Although it cools decently, and looks nice, I'm overall very disappointed in the product and I want to get rid of it!

I need to upgrade my GPU, the 560ti is very limited by that 1gb vram, Battlefield 3 struggles. I feel it's definitely bottle necking my CPU.

I want to enlarge my e-peen with a 5.0ghz OC on my 2500k. I think it's capable, But my motherboard just doesn't have the proper cooling to push it safely. Lots of V-droop. So a new mobo would be necessary. I'm looking at a MSI MPower Z77 or a Sabertooth. I've narrowed it down to those two boards.

Option 1:
Spend $450 on a GTX 770 with the Titan cooler. I absolutely love the titan cooler, and i'm already willing to pay for it...Just not the full titan or 780 price.

Option 2:
Spend $250 on a new Gigabyte 3x Windforce 760 then have a $200 budget to buy either my MSI MPower Z77 or a Sabertooth.

Option 3:
Deal with my Mobo for now, Buy the Gigabyte Windforce 3x 760 and have a $200 budget for a XSPC loop kit.

Option 4: (your suggestions)

I really what to know what you think will provide the best and most drastic increase in performance.
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The biggest increase in gaming would come from the 770.
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Can anyone else chime in? I'm much more interested in the overall stability and upgrade ability in my system. I used a 660 and it was good enough for me playing bf3 on max settings, so a 760 doesn't bother me. I figured that dollar for dollar in gaming the 770 would provide the biggest jump, It is the the better and more expensive card much more over the 760. But I'm only playing 1080p. 60fps in BF3 works for me.I don't play crysis 3 or anything crazy. But, I guess I just need better "evidence" that out of all my options, spending it all on a 770 is the best over all choice.
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I think if you want to go hard out on the CPU overclock you should look at changing both mobo and cooling. Your budget isnt enough to do all three though.

Given your H100 bothers you like it does I would probably upgrade the GPU to the 760 (still a decent boost over what you have currently) and change cooling. What XSPC kit were you thinking of?
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Msi mpower z77 and hd 7950 plus a better heatsink/ cooler like 4x silenx effizio 12 15 or thermalright macho hr 02 or thermaltake nic f4/c4
Wanted: [WTB] GPU upgrade
$210 (USD) or best offer
Wanted: [WTB] GPU upgrade
$210 (USD) or best offer
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