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I installed this yesterday, and it must have done something to totally screw up my PC's ability to access the internet. At first it works as intended, but as soon as I log out of the VPN client, my internet no longer functioned. According to everything on windows I was "Connected to the internet". So I reboot my PC, and try again, no internet. So I uninstall Open VPN client, then reboot. Again, internet doesn't work. I ended up having to do a system restore to prior to me installing the Open VPN client to get my internet to function again.

My question is what the hell could cause this to happen? I've tried using google to check if anyone else had similar problems with the Open VPN client, and I've found no such case. I'd like to use Open VPN, but I don't understand and can't figure out why it totally screws up my internet. I've tested this again and managed to repeat the same results that happened, which was then solved by a system restore.

I'd like to clarify that when I install Open VPN client, it connects one time, and once I disconnect, my PC cannot connect to the internet, regardless if I reconnect with the client or not.

OS: Windows 7 64 bit
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