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Setting voltages after installing an h100i?

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**Edit: Ok, so regarding the bracket mentioned below, I'm not seeing any issues as far as temps go, so I changed up the title of the thread to reflect my current problem.

Basically? Not sure what to tweak in order to adjust for the H100i, since it refuses to boot with previous settings (posting those below). Do I crank up CPU voltage? Crank down PLL? I figure leave QPI alone, but I truly have no clue. All of my knowledge about what to set at what is based around some helpful guides I got linked regarding OCing an i7, otherwise I'm basically clueless.

Here are the BIOS settings I was working with prior to installing the H100i, and yes, they were stable.

Cell Menu:

Current CPU Frequency: 3.05 GHz (133x23)
Current D-RAM Frequency: 1600 Mhz
Current QPI Frequency: 4800 Mhz

CPU Feature:

Intel EIST -Dis
Intel C State-Auto
C State Package Limit-Auto
C1E Support-Dis
Overspeed Protection-Dis
Hyper Threading Function-En
Execute Bit Support-En
Set Limit CPUID Max Val to 3-Dis
Intel Virt Tech-En
Intel VI-d Tech-En

CPU Stepping: DO
Active Processor Cores-All
Intel EIST-Dis
C1E Support-Dis
Intel Turbo-Dos
Base Frequency-133
OC Stepping-Dis
CPU Ratio-23
Adjusted CPU Freq-3059
OC Genie Button-Dis
Base Clock Button-Dis


D-RAM Channel 1 Timing: 9-9-9-24
D-RAM Channel 2 Timing: 9-9-9-24
D-RAM Channel 2 Timing: 9-9-9-24

D-RAM Timing Mode-Link
Extreme Memory Profile-Dis
Adjusted Ratio-6
Adjusted D-RAM Frequency-1600
Uncore Ratio-12
Adjusted Uncore Frequency-3200
QPI Links-Full Speed*

*Slow Mode

QPI Frequency-4.800GT* (4800Mhz)


CPU V-Droop-Low
CPU Voltage-1.275 V
CPU PLL Voltage-1.88 V

QPI V-Droop-Low
QPI Voltage-1.250 V

DRAM Voltage-1.65 V


IOH Voltage-Auto
IOH PCIE Voltage-Auto
ICH Voltage-Auto

Spread Spectrum-Disabled

Please note that I want to get the machine stable with the newly-installed H100i and previous RAM speeds before jumping into OCing the processor speed. That way, when things start going crazy left and right, I'll at least have stable base settings to boot to.


Ok, so in preparation for some Overclocking, I did a run through of my local Frys and found a Corsair H100i that I was able to price-match to Amazon/Newegg for roughly $95 plus tax. Brought it home and installed it. Had actually just finished getting the machine stable with the RAM set to 1600, but more on that later.

Temps look fine thus far, but i've only tested it at Windows boot-up loads and idle, need to run Prime 95, which I am about to do as soon as I post this.

My concern is that I was doing some reading, (trying to find out how much I should tweak the settings, and which settings I should tweak, to get the machine to cold boot with aforementioned 1600 speed RAM since immediately after installing the H100i; it has refused to cold boot with those settings), and came across mention of issues with this product, namely that the backplate is apparently asymmetrical, and that if you installed it incorrectly, it can cause temperature and other issues.

Had a minor panic attack, and went to check, and sure enough, the backplate IS asymmetrical, and is installed with that side pointing north in the picture...

See there, the side I circled in the picture is pointing south on my rig.

Before I take the whole thing apart again, I wanted to ask whether any other h100i owners out there have noticed issues with this. It's in there very solidly, and the block covers the processor completely and is screwed down tightly.

As I mentioned, no real temp increase at idle. She used to run around 36-38, now she runs around 37-39 at idle. Well within acceptable ranges, and far cooler than my friend's rig with the same board pre-OC.

Will run Prime 95 and do a temp comparison on that. Hottest she got with my Zalman 9900 was 72C at 100 % load, water cooling should in theory be equal to or better than that.

But yeah, really want to know if I am jumping at shadows, or if this is a 'known issue' with this cooler.

My computer info is here:

System Info:

-Intel Core i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07 GHz

(8 MB cache, LGA1366 Socket, QuickPath - 4.8 GT/s )

-CPU Frequency: 3.05 Ghz @ 133 x23

-Physical Memory: 24576 MB RAM

(DDR3 Patriot Viper Extreme PC3-12800 1600 MHZ [2 3x4GB Kits])

-RAM generally running at: 1066 (stable [Auto timings of 7-7-7-20])
-RAM currently running at: 1600 (not stable [manual timings of 9-9-9-24])

-Motherboard: MSI Big Bang XPower LGA 1366 X58

(Current BIOS version: 1.7)

-Video Cards: 2 MSI Radeon R 6950s (using SLI, one is a Twin Frozr 2, one a Twin Frozr 3)

-Case: In-Win Dragon Rider

-PSU: Corsair AX 1200 Professional Series Gold

-Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

-Cooling: Water-Corsair H100i

(previously Air-Zalman 9900)
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Ok, an update. Ran Prime 95 this morning and did the basic 10 min Blend test. Hottest she got was 61C, staying mostly at 58-60C under 100% load.

This is before OCing though, even the RAM is running at 1066, since I can't manage to get it stable back at 1600 since I popped in the H100i, as I mentioned in last night's post.

My Ultimate goal is to get this machine stable with RAM at 1600 Mhz and at 4.0 GHz or higher, if possible, so I know those temps are likely to rise when I do so

Still would like some more info on that bracket being an issue, if anybody is willing to chip in with their experience with the H100i. It doesn't SEEM to be a problem here, but again, i'm a newbie, so I'm not sure if it's possible that it'll cause temperature creep that i'll miss, or any one of 100 horrible scenarios going through my head.

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5 days later:

Would really like any advice regarding that bracket being in there the wrong way. Generally, I subscribe to 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it', but again, i'm new to Overclocking, and this might be a serious problem for all I know.

Also would like some help with figuring out why I can't cold boot using the settings I had before I put in the H100i, does it require that I ratchet up the CPU voltage or something to compensate for the new cooler?

The machine has been running stably at stock speeds and stock RAM speed for about 5 days now, no temperature creep that I can see due to the h100i.

I have a pre-existing thread in the Intel Memory section with my BIOS voltages and such up to the point where I got it working with the 1600Mhz settings (it would cold boot with those settings, ran prime 95 Blend test, etc...)

I mentioned the issue on there, but nobody has responded thus far.

I'll drop a link to that thread HERE

Sorry if i'm being impatient, but after 5 days with no success in figuring out this problem, I'm getting antsy.
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The only question I have is how symmetrical is the temperatures of your individual cores? If you see a +\- differential of as much as 7 centigrade the cores should be considered cooled appropriately. If there is a swing higher, than the CPU cooler is either not seated correctly, or thermal paste is applied a little thin to part of the CPU die.

As for your 1600 MHz overclock to your ram, it appears that your are using 2 unmatched pairs (2x8gb, 2x4gb). You will have to loosen timings typically to get unmatched pairs to go beyond stock.

Hope that helps a little
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Actually, RAM is 2 3x4 kits, two sets of triple channel. As to the cores, about 3-4 degrees difference max between the highest and lowest, which is basically the way it has always been.

I'm fairly positive the thermal paste on the H100i is applied evenly, as it came pre-applied, only had to dab a tiny little section of it where there was a little hole, the rest of it was perfect. Got it installed in one go, without any shifting around to smear anything, so not likely the paste became unreliable.

Appreciate the advice though. Much obliged.
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Sorry about misjudging the RAM. Most folks are stock on LGA1155 and such platforms.

With the information you have provided I would say that you have achieved a stable installation of your H100i. Now the time for incremental overclocks, while trying to keep the voltage as nominal as possible.

Good Luck Hunting!
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