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New to the forum / My first Plexi case!

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Hello all, Ne0Khan here! I've know about the forum for a while but I just decided to join, Anyways...

I've been working on my first Plexi Case, I have the blueprints almost ready via TurboCAD

Plexi Case blueprint Via TurboCAD
Plexi Case blueprint Via TurboCAD

I plan on using 120mm fan grills and mounting an RX360 Triple fan radiator to the top, with a positive pressure fan config for the rest of the fan mounts, I'm going for an overall red theme, I'm 17 and relatively broke as F*** so I'm contemplating looking into a sponsorship for the liquid cooling components, other than that I know I want a Gigabyte UD7 Mobo with an FX- 8350 (OC) and a Dual/Tri/Quad Crossfire Config.
With the best possible Radeon GPU's (most likely best bang for the buck).
And ether XSPC or EKWB clear water blocks and clear tubing with red coolant.
I'm Also contemplating getting a roll of Red LED's and making grooves in the actual Plexi for them and filling them with some sort of a clear ridged drying solution.
I'm not sure if I want to go with making drive bays out of plexi or showing off the hardware by mounting them bottom faced to the mobo tray.
CD/DVD dive bays are being difficult to figure out.
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Looks like you have a good plan. If you are looking for something to fill in the LEDs with, look at clear cast. You can find some at hobby lobby and should work for what you want, though I am not 100% sure as I have never tried it....yet. I am working on a plexi case myself and if you want some advice let me know I would be happy to help out.
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If the grove is small enough you could layer on weldon 40. I've done this for filling holes/cuts in plexi. If your careful not to get air bubbles it'll look like its one piece once its buffed out.
Its actually used for solvent gluing acrylic, which you could also use for building your case, however this has the methyl-acrylic dissloved in it aswell.

(weldon 16 works better however if your cuts are very clean and straight.
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Need to be careful with weld-on and using it to cover things. While this might work I would caution against it as weld-on melts the acrylic and any plastic it touches. In theory it would work but I would be worried about it melting the LED strip and causing a mess. At the very least I would try it on a spare piece first to make sure it works.
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Precisely, I actually made this for ****s and gigz earlyer this month, I had some scratched up 1/4" stuff at my disposal I wanted to play with it so vuala!

I used Acetone for the welds, I have a fully equipped shop at my disposal FYI.
The welds are actually very durable and neat aswell, iIeven drop tested it a few times and 0 breaks. wink.gif
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Yes weldon melts (well dissolve actually) the acrylic, but only superficially when used normally.

Your cuts look pretty clean for 1/4. It'll be interesting to see your real build.
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