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Regardless of how much strain is applied or how much I overclock the gpu in EVGA precision, the gpu only maxes out at 70% gpu usage

Temperature is fine (never above 60 degrees)
Stress tested CPU and it is never above 70 degrees in AID64 (4.5ghz i5 4670k)

Is my gpu faulty? No matter how much I overclock it, my fps remains the same.
The one thing that is similar is the gpu usage

I mean, I can't imagine a 4.5ghz i5 4670k bottlenecking it.

Could it be my PSU? (Corsair TX 750w) IT DOESNT even spin (the fan)
It twitches but never rotates (not even on startup). Many have told me that it is only supposed to rotate during 50% + load only. Well, id imagine it would need to during gameplay...

The problem is that im getting relatively low fps for my build in skyrim and witcher 2 AOK : 40-60 / 22-31 respectively