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8150 Heat Issues

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I have an AMD FX8150 with a Zalman CNPS9900 cooling it and I cant overclock it at all as it is running extremely hot. Even at idle it is running at about 35C. Also these are at stock speeds too. When I put a full load on it it bumps the 60C mark which for me is to close to maximum safe temps. So what I was wondering is if anyone had any ideas on what I can do to bring the temps down without getting a different cooler. I am using a Crosshair V motherboard.
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What temp are you looking at?

There are two temps - Core Temp (Package Temp) and Socket Temp

If you are using the temp listed as CPU Temp through AI Suite, then that is a Socket reading and can go to ~72 C

I recommend using a program such as HWMonitor in order to see both temps.

Check out the Guide in my signature if you need any more OC help or info.
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while i was looking through the guide i didnt see if you hit the 5 gig range with an air cool rig or liquid cooled. Also I have seen people shut down the secondary cores to create a quad core from the 8150 drastically reducing temps, but i havent found anything about how that was done.
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5.0Ghz is generally hit using Custom Water cooling.

Most motherboards have a CPU configuration area where CPU Modules can be turned off. That will reduce the temps quite a bit.
Most 8150's can reach 4.6Ghz with decent temps on a CPU Cooler similar to a Hyper 212 Evo (Generally a CPU Cooler in the 30$ Range)
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do you know if there is a perceivable differenece in speed when shutting down cores
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Did you take control of the voltage and put it on manual or did you leave it on auto?
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Originally Posted by ncrane83 View Post

do you know if there is a perceivable differenece in speed when shutting down cores

Visually it seemed like everything ran slower when there was more than 2 Cores Disabled. (@ 4 Cores 2 Modules)

Gaming wise, if you're not playing anything that needs more than 4 Cores then it's a great opportunity to get a higher clock.
It will be less stress on the VRMs which will increase stability. Also to consider is that some Modules are higher quality than others. So you'll want to figure out which ones take more voltage and generate more heat than others as those are the ones you will want to turn off.

As an example, on my 8350 I was able to clock two of the modules to 5.2Ghz at the same voltage that the other two Modules took to keep stable at only 4.7Ghz. That was using an H100
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would you guys recommend getting a 1100t over keeping the 8150 or keep it and get a better cooler
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