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mobile Haswell?

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Does this chip exist yet? Yet a lower thermal profile and available already naked, I'd a thought it would have been super popular. Why isnt everyone talking about it in a desktop?
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I'm tired, so I don't entirely follow. Are you talking about Intel making Haswell for laptops, or the laptop version of Haswell for desktops?
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aren't they the same thing? I remember using a pentium-m in an itx desktop motherboard to build a car pc. great low power chip.
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There are lower power Haswell units, like this:


(Less TDP, 85w - 65W)

Anything with the S denotation will use less power.
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Anything can run with low power if you underclock or disable cores.

I've run Ivy without a heatsink, just with 3 cores disabled and multi set to 16x.
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Mobile products -> 4th gen Core iX
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I guess they are lidded and dont oc as well as a naked haswell

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