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I had a question regarding a power supply like the Seasonic_SS-350TGM. My undrestanding is that no TFX power supply comes with a PCI-E cable, now would it be possible to use the two 4 pin molex connectors to power up a gpu such as ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660?

It requires a PCIe 6-Pin and 24A on 12V. The PSU has two 12V rails on 18A each.

The issue is that I dont have an undrestanding of how a psu works. Is it possible that the two molex cables are only limited to one of the 12V rails hence able to supply a maximum of 18A of the 12V to the gpu?

From a review "almost the entire rated power is available on 12V (as it should be), split on two rails. My guess is that the AUX12V is on one rail while the rest of the outputs share the other 12V rail."