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Corsair Link

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Anyone using the system here?

Have any pics of how you have it setup, and thoughts on the system?
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I have used CorsairLink with an H100i and AX1200i and my opinion is that the hardware is decent, but the software is still immature and in need of major bug fixes before it's ready for prime time. Some examples:

- Periodically, the CorsairLink monitoring service will stop receiving updates from both the PSU and H100i, necessitating restarting the service before the CorsairLink GUI will recognize the devices and settings.

- The AX1200i won't display the power draw on outputs until it's at least 4 amps on the output. Considering the CorsairLink shows current in 0.01A increments, you'd think they could determine power output levels less than 4A.

Overall, a neat idea, poorly executed in terms of the software piece of it.

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I have the Link and it works good for me. I have the cooling node and the light node in my Level 10 GT.
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