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DISCLAIMER: I am a total watercooling newbie. I do understand most of the basics so bare with me.

This might be a long one smile.gif

Okay so I'm trying to put together a list of items I will need to watercool my 3770K & 2x 780's (Not sure what type)
So right now I own the 3770K and a HAF X. I wan't to have the 3770K & SLI 780's in the loop. I don't really plan on pushing the CPU and GPU's too hard, just some comfortable overclocks. Since I can do a 360 rad(native) in the HAF X I originally thought that I could use it but I would need more radiator space and taking out the HDD bays is an option but I have no where to put the HDD+two SSD's. The cable management is already kind of at it's max using the Coolermaster 850W silent pro so mounting them all in the back would be fairly tricky to do(and I kind of want a new case smile.gif )

So I'm opting to just drop the money on the Corsair 900D, I believe it will be a great investment and house many builds in the future! Anyways watercooling it should be less "complicated" than my HAF X. I was thinking 2x 480mm radiators would be just fine, one in the top and one in the bottom.

So I think two 480mm radiators should suffice for this build. Now what ones to get? How thick should they be? Do I need to run push/pull or can I just run the top rad in push and the bottom one in pull in-taking fresh air. I will be using 8X Corsair SP120 2350RPM fans, Unless I absolutely need to run push/pull. will one of those monsta rads fit in the top? does it require push/pull?

So originally when I first thought about watercooling I was going to use the XSPC D5 bay res/pump combo because it would work well in the HAF X and wouldn't give a cluttered look.
Now that I have decided on the Corsair 900D I have many more options. I could still potentially do the bay/res combo, it's a nice price but I don't know if it's the right way to go for 2 480mm rads.
I do how ever like the look of a res/pump mounted just to the right of the motherboard, I want the build to look fairly clean so I don't know how I would really run the loop from there.

It's already a fairly expensive watercooling set up so I don't want to go overboard on fittings. As long as they look good and do their job i'll be happy with them. Fittings are something I need somewhat the most help on but I can imagine I would need a few of each type. I want to use compression as much as possible.

Planning on using distilled water+ colored tube(white) I have no clue what size I need but it should be able to handle bending as I am not going overboard with fittings. I like the way fatter tube looks but I don't mind "regular" size. 1/4 3/4?

CPU/GPU block's open for discussion. I was thinking of just getting the raystorm CPU block and until I see what the new 780 lightnings are like Ill have to make a decision then, but the plan as of now or if they are not that great compared to the EVGA classy I was going to get those with the hydrocopper block. All open for discussion.

Please let me know if I am forgetting anything for the watercooling ^^

Currently I have an 850W Coolermaster silent pro, I know its enough for the initial set up but with watercooling is it still okay? I have no idea how much power consumption gets added when you add a full loop. I was just going to purchase BitFenix extention cables. If have have to Ill grab the AX1200W(because its fully modular and has a whole set of sleeved cables, and future proof).

So yah lots to read! I would appreciate the watercooling comunities input on this! Links to products would help, also I live in Canada so hopefully the shipping isn't insane from some of the watercooling sites, I use for all of my parts most of the time, they don't have a super huge watercooling line up so just keep Canada shipping costs in mind!