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Help with amd motherboard picking(need reliable cheap board)

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Hi i currently have the need for some help on finding a motherboard that's reliable, am3+, atx (not micro or anything else) and will last, all for under $65 (it can be priced higher if u think the price will drop during this years x-mas)
it would also be noted the processor going to be used is the amd fx-6100 and needs to be compatible out of the box
used products are accepted as long as you guys trust the product.
only list a micro atx if its just as good or better than a atx
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There is plenty of reasonably priced, reliable, am3+ motherboards around, however to give you a better recommendation I have a few more questions:

Do you plan on overclocking? If so do you plan on using liquid cooling or an air cooler?
Are you going to use it for gaming? Do you need sli or crossfire?
Harddrive support: sata2 or sata3 very important? Sata 3 is without question faster and worth the extra money, however quality boards even at reasonable prices tend to start at $80 or more.

Do you already have your cpu and ram? Barebone kits can save you money if you get everything a once.

Also would rebates be an option as long as the final price was around $65? Many times you can save $20 or more with a rebate, allowing you to get an upgrade on the cheap.

Not to leave you hanging without an actual recommendation:

Chances are they'll knock off a few bucks sometime between now and Christmas, but at $70 atm its reasonable. This board will accommodate multiple graphics cards, some overclocking sata3, the works.

Compare that to the best one under the $65 mark (on tigerdirect):

You'll be stuck with slower ram speeds, no dual gpu's, slower hard drive speeds, ect.
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ASRock 770 iCafe

Biostar TA970


If you can stretch the budget $5 there are some choices.

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asus m5a97 rev2,0
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