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Last month I posted a thread where I had difficulties with my motherboard, the sata 600 ports (offering 6 GB/s) wouldn't recognize any HDD/SSD connected to it, even though all my HDDs/SSD are working perfectly. I got a few suggestions which I tried but the last ones took a bit more time then I thought and the thread is a bit buried now. So I thought making a new topic about this could help.

To start with, this is the pic of my motherboard:

The black ports are the sata 600 ports which offers 6 GB/s, meaning your SSD should be connected to those to enjoy their speed at their fullest. However, it seems they're not working. I've changed my BIOS settings to AHCI mode, enabled the gsata_controller, and downloaded all the latest intel chipset drivers as well as all the gigabyte utlities. The one driver I haven't downloaded yet is the Marvel driver because some results on google suggested not installing this driver, not sure why though.

Would you guys have any idea why those ports aren't working? Just broken or is there something you have to install/enable? I'm on the verge of just bringing it to a store (which can take days) or buying a new motherboard (which I planned to do so around New Years)

If you need any more info, feel free to ask.