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7950 heatsink question

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Hi OCN, I was pondering about using an h60 to cool my visiontek 7950 and was concerned about vram cooling, some say yes some say no as long as I have a ventilated case. I have a full tower NZXT PHANTOM. So are heatsinks really needed?
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Eh depends on your card (how hot do the VRM's run now?), but I say as long as you have some airflow over your VRMs you should be fine. But heatsinks never hurt!

Also, check out this thread if you haven't done so already.
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Thanks for the answer, I was unclear if I really needed them or not, my tower has a side 200mm fan that blows air into case and hits MB and GPU so I would think thats good
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You can buy some heatsinks from China for less than $10 with Epacket delivery.. <$5 with regular delivery. Just get some.

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Thanks, I will but unfortunately I just read about dwoods absence and I might not be able to order the bracket
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Isnt it still possible to just use wire to hold them down? Even a semi-poor contacting water cooler should be better than air.

Of course this will require the copper shim, but I still cant see it being terrible. Worst case what happens to you? Just put the stock cooler back.
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I was hoping I didnt have rig my rig lol
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